So, with the presidential election coming up in U.S. soon, I thought it would be funny if I made a presidential election with TGP contenders. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNBIAST, AS I REALIZE SOME PEOPLE HERE MAY BE REPUBLICAN. Here are the canidates (i'll be doing more with this later):

BOLD = President (i choose these people because I thought they would make the most sense)


  • Michael Wiesman, Samuel Larsen, Ellis Wylie, Taryn Mai, Emily Vasquez, Lindsay Pearce, Marissa von Bleicken, Ali Stroker, Lily Mae Harrington, Maxfield Camp, Shanna Henderson, Charlie Lubeck, Damian McGinty


  • Nellie Veitenheimer, Abraham Lim, Aylin Bayramoglu, Blake Jenner, Dani Shay, Mario Bonds, Tyler Ford, Alex Newell, Bryce Ross-Johnson, Cameron Mitchell, Hannah McIalwain, Matheus Fernandes, McKynleigh Abraham

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