So recently I have begun to notice that the categories have a gotten a little... messy, you could say. An example of this would be a category with no information in it (example), a category that is a duplicate of another category, and categories that aren't categorized.

An example of a clean category would be something like this. Though it may be lacking some information, the page is clean, organized, and categorized appropriatly. This is what all our category pages should look like. That's why starting immeadiatly, I'm starting a Category Clean Up Task Force. Anyone that thinks they could help in a useful way can sign up (just comment below).

With the task force, our wiki can have better categories that are cleaned, organized, and categorized correctly. Our main challenge are the song categories pages. Most of them don't contain any information, and aren't categorized. That's why I'm suggesting we make ALL song pages (whether contender specific or general pages) look like the clean category I showed you above.

Current Task Force Members

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