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    Perfect review

    August 7, 2012 by Onexoo-gleep

    This my review of the music video "Perfect"

    First, because the theme is actability, there is more of acting than of singing.

    This is my understanding of the video.

    Blake and Michael are best friends in the video and Blake is the boyfriend of Aylin then later in the video Aylin falls in love with Michael, and Michael loves her back. In the scene where they go to the Ferris Wheel Blake spots them and gets mad at Aylin and Aylin gives some excuses then says she's pregnant, I don't know how. Blake then sees Michael and Aylin kissind outside the barn. When they were done, Blake and Michael fight with each other, then there is this scene where Blake is lying down on the floor struggling. Aylin goes away and Michael runs after her.

    Now for Ali's and …

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