Hey everyone, my names Niall and i'm from Ireland and I set up a wiki account during the summer. This is my first blog on wiki and I have am bored so I have basically created an x factor competition featuring the contestants that appeared on both seasons of The Glee Project. So there will be 16 acts, 4 mentors and 4 acts per mentor. Each week each contender will sing a song relating to a specific theme. I want you guys to vote for the act that you believe would do the best and the worst in that week. Out of the two acts that you vote to be the worst, I will then choose who will go home. I will be completely unbiased with my decisions and I will make the decision that I believe the judges in the X Factor would make. I hope you will be unbiased as well. Below are the 16 acts, which includes bands. I hope some of you guys can follow this and vote regulary because I think it could be fun so check it out please!

The Boys-mentored by Britney Spears

Alex Newell: Alex is from Lynn Massachusetts and auditioned for the X Factor with "And I'm telling you I'm not going". He impressed all the judges and easily went through to bootcamp. In bootcamp he rubbed other contestants up the wrong way with his attitude. He was chosen by Britney Spears as one of her 4 acts.

Cameron Mitchell: Cameron comes from Fort Worth in Texas. He auditioned and impressed all the judges with an original song entitled "Love Can Wait". Despite being unsure if his voice was right for the competition, he was chosen by Spears.

Charlie Lubeck: Charlie is from Chicago and he auditioned with "Fields of Gold" by Sting. The judges were impressed by his interpretation of the song but they were worried that he was too unique for the public but he was chosen for the live shows anyway.

Samuel Larson- Samuel is from Los Angeles. When he first auditioned he was given a no by Simon Cowell and Britney Spears. However Cowell gave him a second chance and despite rejecting him at his audition, Spears chose him for the live shows.

The Groups-mentored by Simon Cowell

BFF: BFF consist of two best friends, Ali Stoker and Dani Shay. They auditioned with "if it's magic" by Stevie Wonder. Lovato and Spears enjoyed their chemistry. Cowell was unsure whether or not he should put them through or not but he did because he felt that the public would like them.

Breakthrough: Breakthrough consists of Blake Jenner, Micheal Weisman, Damian McGinty and Tyler Ford. Ther originally auditioned as solo artists but they failed to make it to judges house as soloists but Cowell saw the potential for a One Direction-type band so he put them through.

Tenacity: Tenacity are a manufactured girl group consisting of Lily Mae Harrington, Hannah McIalwain, Emily Vasquez, Mcklynleigh Abraham and Taryn Douglas. They also auditioned as soloists but were put together as a band after failing to progress as soloists.

Diversity: Diversity consist of Bryce-Ross Johnson, Matheus Fernandes and Ellis Wylie. They auditioned with "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. Cowell felt that they were weaker vocally then the other groups but put them through as they were different.

The Overs-mentored by LA Reid

Abraham Lim:Abraham is from Korea but lives in America. He auditioned with "Somewhere only we know" by Keane. He advanced to judges home and despite some concerns with his overall vocals, he was put through by Reid.

Mario Bonds: Bonds is from Lanham and he auditioned with "All by myself". The judges praised his voice and inspiration but they noted that there may be a lack of connection between Bonds and the audience. He was never the less put through by Reid.

Maxfield Camp: Camp is from Nashville Tennesse and he auditoned with an original song. The judges praised his voice and commented that there was no other singers like him in the competition. Reid was worried that he was not diverse but he put him through anyway.

Shanna Henderson: Henderson is from Nashville and auditioned with "You and I" by Lady Gaga. The judges called it one of the best auditions in the whole competition and she was easily put through by Reid to the live shows.

The Girls-mentored by Demi Lovato

Aylin Bayramoglu: Aylin is muslim and she impressed the judges at her original audition when she sung "The one that got away" by Katy Perry. She struggled in bootcamp but Lovato saw enough potential to put her through to the live shows.

Lindsay Pearce: Pearce comes from Modesto California and her audition was one of the best in the competition where she sung "Baby one more time" in front of Britney Spears. She was put through by Lovato

Marissa Von Bleicken: Marissa is from New York and she auditioned with an acoustic version of "Believe" by Cher. She impressed all the judges who all wanted to mentor her. She was chosen by Lovato for the live shows.

Nellie Veitenheimer: Nellie is from Tacoma and the judges praised her unique, recording voice at her original audition when she sung "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin. She struggled with nerves at bootcamp and judges home which concerned Lovaro but she was chosen to compete in the live shows by Lovato.

The first round should be out soon, provided there is demand for it!

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