• Mirlo

    Okay, so I was listening to Marry You and I thought “How it would sound with The Glee Project contestants?” And I imagined the music video :-)

    Contenders: The contenders are Blake, Shanna, Aylin, Michael, Abraham and Ali (I decided to exclude Lily) Blake is the winner of the HA.

    Context: The contenders are at different places divided in couples (just like in Teenage Dream) the couples are: Blake & Shanna, Aylin & Michael and Abraham & Ali. As I said, they're all in different places, but in the last moments, they're all in the church. Blake & Shanna are in some kind of music store, Michael & Aylin are at Michael's room, and Ali and Abraham are at McKinley.

    Lyrics: Blake: It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I t…

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