I'm going to create a fanfiction with only contenders from The Glee Project. The storyline is a bunch of teenagers from all over the country. They are all apart of different choral ensembles at the school. They're also in a competition called America's Next Broadway Star, in which the winner will receive a role specifically designed for them. So... Let's get started. Here are the characters.

  • Collin Finch - Portrayed by Blake Jenner.
  • Amina Mahmoud - Portrayed by Aylin Bayramoglu.
  • Dean Appleton - Portrayed by Michael Weisman.
  • Chelsea Appleton - Portrayed by Lily Mae Harrington.
  • Kendall Gaines - Portrayed by Cameron Mitchell.
  • Sophia Bush - Portrayed by Ali Stroker.
  • Miles Underwood - Portrayed by Abraham Lim.
  • Caroline Brown - Portrayed by Nellie Veitenheimer.
  • Flynn O'Connell - Portrayed by Damian McGinty, Jr.
  • Laura Kirkpatrick - Portrayed by Shanna Henderson.

I will continue to work on this story, PLEASE check back soon for more details!

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