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    Hey Guys! I decided to make characters and their backstory and storyline plot-wise for characters i think they could protray on Glee!

    Charlotte Rouge - (Lilly Mae) :

    Audtion Song- Blow, Gabriel, Blow: By Anything Goes

    Songs to Sing- Don't Speak: By No Doubt, Tonight, Tonight: By Smashing Pumpkins

    Storyline Closure Number- My Heart Will Go On: By Celine Dione

    Charlotte comes on with this bigger than life ego, confident in her size, truley believing she's the new queen B at Mckinley. While ND are holding auditions for Glee Club she comes in during someone else's audition interrupting their performance and scaring him off. She introduces herself and on the spot pretty much demands to be in ND after hearing their first place title at nationals. ND …

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