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    OK so this is actability week and their video is "Perfect" by pink.It is designed to be like a trailer for the movie of the same name

    Everyone did great in vocals but you won't really notice because of the story.Though Aylin has the most lines all in all.So,yeah everyone did great.

    There are two storylines one main story and a sub story.The main story consisted of Blake,Aylin and Michael. Blake and Michael are best friends.Blake who is dating Aylin and Aylin who is in love with Michael because of this Blake and Michael end up fighting.There is a little scene where Blake is arrested while Michael is trying to convince Aylin not to leave

    The sub-story has Ali and Lily in it.The main point of this story is that Lily was a girl who caused a dri…

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  • Metropolis-gleep

    This is a small little blog to get opinions from who you like in the top 6

    Michael- I like him his acting,skill,voice and especially his personality.He was the one who replaced Charlie,Nellie, and Abraham when they got elimenated.

    Blake--He has very similar traits to Michael.Even their voice so I usually end up comparing them.But I like Michael more.

    Ali-At first I did not like her voice but she started to grow on me because of her sweet personality.Her voice also progressed throughout the show.

    Shanna-The best singer of all.Nuff' said.

    Aylin-She is a bit cocky and always mentions the "Turkish muslim".But she has a good voice

    Lily-Almost the same as Aylin but a bit meaner.Though she has a Greaaaaat voice.But maybe it is because of editing

    Tell me …

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