This are my ideas about the contenders on this current season of the glee project

  • Abraham: I think he has a great voice, and good dance skills but I find him a bit diva and willing to be another Mike, so I don't want him to win. But I have to say he has the potential to become a character on glee.
  • Ali: The thing I like the most about her is that she never uses her disability to look for pity. But she has a nasal voice which I can't stand. She is one of the contenders who better represents glee but she won't reach it.
  • Aylin: One of the most beloved contenders. She has a good voice but I don't know why I don't like her. But if she makes it to the top 4 I will agree because she deserves it.
  • Blake: He hasn't the best voice on the show but his acting skills are amazing also his voice is perfect for slow songs and I think he will win because he is one of the most complete contenders.
  • Charlie: Another beloved character, I think he won't arrive to the top 4 due to his badly wanting to be the spotlight, that's why I don't like him at all. But when Nikki put him on the bottom 3 I feel bad for him because it wasn't his fault entirely.
  • Dani: I couldn't know more about her.
  • Lily Mae: She has a great voice but her attitude pisses me off. I wouldn't see her on glee because it's hard to work with her.
  • Mario: A great voice but he is always complaining.
  • Maxfield: Same as Dani.
  • Michael: The cutest guy on the competition. He has the potential to win but we need to see a bit more of him on the last call performances.
  • Nellie: A great contender who works a lot but is always justifying her mistakes. Though she can make it to the top 4 I'm not a great fan of her.
  • Shanna: Another great contender. Shanna has a great voice and is always working. I perfectly see her on glee, but she has to work on her spontaneity.
  • Taryn: I would love to see a bit more of her.
  • Tyler: I'm not a fan of his voice and he is always complaining about everything.

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