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  • I live in Premià de Mar, Barcelona, Spain
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Student and dancer
  • I am Female
  • MaryPierceLopez

    TGP FF - Auditions

    December 6, 2012 by MaryPierceLopez

    Hi I want to start a TGP fanfiction so feel free to audition with your characters

    • Name:
    • Nickname:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Music they like:
    • Background story (not too long)
    • Attitude:
    • Portrayer:
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  • MaryPierceLopez

    This are my ideas about the contenders on this current season of the glee project

    • Abraham: I think he has a great voice, and good dance skills but I find him a bit diva and willing to be another Mike, so I don't want him to win. But I have to say he has the potential to become a character on glee.
    • Ali: The thing I like the most about her is that she never uses her disability to look for pity. But she has a nasal voice which I can't stand. She is one of the contenders who better represents glee but she won't reach it.
    • Aylin: One of the most beloved contenders. She has a good voice but I don't know why I don't like her. But if she makes it to the top 4 I will agree because she deserves it.
    • Blake: He hasn't the best voice on the show but his acti…
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  • MaryPierceLopez

    This portal shows the contenders who reached to the contest. They are ordered by the order they were eliminated, being the first the winner and the last the first eliminated. If there are two winners they will be ordered alphabetically.

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