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Homework Assignment Winner: TBA

Eliminated: TBA

First Called Back: TBA

So here's what you missed on The Glee Project. Emmett and Sam have been together during the whole competition. C.J. has been on the bottom twice...he'd better work it out or he's gonna be on serious problems, meanwhile Nadia and Manuel have not made a single error. Now 10 contenders are left to win. And that's what youve missed on The-Glee-Pro-ject!”

CJ is super excited to know what the theme of the week is. He says it'd better be a good one, he's been on the bottom twice, he doesnt wanna fall this week.

Robert arrives, everybody gathers and he says they have to be prepared, because the theme of the week is Dance ability. "Really?! this week??!!" Says C.J. on a confessional camera. "Im the worst dancer here and I hear it's Dance-ability week. Not a good start." Sam seems excited, meanwhile Tom and Delilah look worried. Robert says the HWA of the week is... Good Feeling by FloRida.

Tom says he was worried about the week, but now he has gained confidence...he is a awesome rapper.

Everybody is in the Choir Room and Robert walks in. And brings in the mentor, which is...Heather Morris. Everybody is very excited. She says she doesnt want to see a good dancer, she wants to see a perso that can tell much more with their body.


Skylar:Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no
Emmett:I get a good feeling, yeah
Oh oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
Nadia:I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah

Manuel:Yes I can, doubt that I leave, I'm running with this plan
Pull me, grab me, crabs in the bucket can't have me
Carleigh:I'll be the president one day
January 1st, oh, you like that gossip
Joey:Like Like you the one drinking that god sip dot com
Now I gotta work with your tongue
Delilah:How many Rolling Stones you want?
Yeah I got a brand new spirit,
Tom:Speak it and it's done
Woke up on the side of the bed like I won
Sam:Talk like a winner, my chest to that sun
G5 dealer, US to Taiwan
C.J.:I hope you say that, I wanna play back, Mama knew I was a needle in a hay stack
A Bugatti boy, plus Maybach, I got a feeling it's a wrap, ASAP

All:Oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never never had before, no no
I get a feeling, yeah

That was amazing guys, great job!. Sam: Your dancing is amazing, but because rap is not your forte, it affected your performance. Delilah: I think you did too much. Try to keep a balance in your performances. Tom: Oh god your rap is icredible. I think this gave you confidence, and made your whole performance great. Nadia: I think you were great, good job!., says Heather. Robert asks her who she will pick, and she has decided it is...Tom! That means Tom will be getting a standout moment on the week's MV, which is... a mash-up of Scream by Usher and Dance Again by Jeniffer Lopez.

Choreography whit Zach: Everyone is dancing. Skylar is struggling a lot, and he doesnt seem being interested.
Dance again is playing, and and suddenly, Tom crashes with Sam. He apoligizes. Sam stays quiet, starring him. The she smiles and says its ok. He smiles back.
Vocals with Nikki:
Delilah is singing and Nikki tells her she's not doing her best, and that she needs to improve. Sam has gained confidence, and says in a confessional camera: "Im not letting anything get on my way. Im here to win, and I havent had a great start."
Music video shoot:
They are at a beach. They start shooting. CJ seems to not be trying, he seems turned down, and Zach gets pissed off because of this. Sam is doing excellent, so does Manuel. Skylar is dancing and suddenly he falls. He is hurt. He is taken to the hospital. Soon, Robert tells them he broke his leg and he wont be able to stay in the competition. Tom is not trying, and says winning the HWA made him feel nervious, with an extra load.
Music Video Time:

Reveal of the bottom 3:
We see everyone on stage. Robert, Zach, and Nikki come in. He says they were really good at the shoot, but theres somebody who really stood out, and that is... Sam. He congratulates her, and tells her she is first on the callback list. He mentions the names of Manuel, Nadia, Joey, and Carleigh. They are all called back for next week. Delilah: You were struggling a lot in the booth, that was not you. Tom: You seemed very nevious, like with an extra load of work. Emmett: If you watch the music video, you can see you disappear and you are barely noticeable. CJ: Through the whole competition, you have not been that good. This week you were very low, turned down. So Tom: You wiol be performing for Ryan tonight. Delilah: You will be performing for Ryan tonight. We went back and forth between you guys: Emmett and CJ, and we decided, that Emmett: You are called back for next week. That means CJ will be performing for Ryan tonight. Now lets talk about the songs: Tom: We tried to choose a song in which you can really shine with: Club Can't Handle Me, by FloRida. Delilah: Your song is Slate of Grace by Taylor Swift. CJ: Your song is One Thing by One Direction.
Delilah is first.

Next is Ton

Last is CJ

After talking, they made their decision.
Robert walks in, and says the list is up. We see everybody walking through the list. CJ sees his name on the not called back list. Delilah is next she celebrated shes called back. Tom walks in. He seems disappointed. His name is also in the not called back list.
The episode ends with Tom and CJ singing Keep Holding On.
On the next Glee Project: The theme of the week is: Sexuality. Emmett and Sam's kiss is on this episode. They are all split in pairs, and we can see Manuel and Delilah, Sam and Emmett, and Joey and Carleigh. Then, we see Nadia crying in the reveal of the bottom three.

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