So here's what you missed on The Glee Project. Last week it was a girls episode, Delilah won, Nadia was called back first, and RJ left... boys need to up it a little bit... Right CJ? Now 11 contenders are left to win a prize. And thats what you missed on The-Glee-pro-ject!

The episode starts with everybody in the Glee house,talking, and Robert comes in."Robert's here!" Tom says, and they all gather aruond."Hey guys!" Robert says."I hope youre ready for the week , because the theme is...Vulnerability! Your homework assignment is...Lights by Nellie Veitenheimer! So this is a song by our beloved Nellie, from season two, so you will need to really work on it to make it unforgettable"

They start picking lines. Emmett says he LOVES this song. Manuel says the mantor might actually be Nellie Veitenheimer, and Emmett starts laughing, saying that of its true, he will die.

They are at the choir room, and Robert walks in, and tells the they really, really need to bring it. "This week's mentor is somebody very special on the show" A hand picks up some panflets from a desk...Its Jayma Mays, Emma on Glee! "Hi guys! I'm very excited to be here! I want to see that vulnerable and weak side of you, so lets see whst you prepared..." She says.

Sam:Cant get you out of my mind so I try to get space go outside
Brooke:But then there you are, never very far from me here
Tom:Try and discuss the simplicity in love of a wood burnong fire in front of me
Nadia:Think of other side, ignore wishes that you were mine
Manuel:Lets go the speed of light so we cant stop, stand still in time
Joey:Six seventy one million miles we'll run oh
CJ:Exist with our own rules of the world,Where things that happen here arent told

Carleigh:Cover up with the truth, that i'm not really with you..oh
Emmett:Bright, bright lights
The spotlight makes it hard to see the stars at night.
Delilah:Everyday has become my stage and I feel I have made,1,2,3, many mistakes.
All:Bright Bright lights.

"That was amazing guys! Emmett: I think you were absolutely incredible, you were just amazing. Skylar: I could feel that emotion, you were telling a story. Sam: I think you were a little bit flat, you could've expressed yourself more. Manny: I think I was expecting more, since ive heard youre a good actor, so stick to your abilities, and dont doubt about them" says Jayma. It was difficult, I mean, you were all gorgeous, but in the end, Ive picked...Skylar!.
robert says"So Skylar, you will have a one on one mentoring session with Jayma and a standout moment on the week's music video, which is...Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson!

Since there is no choreography session this week, they go to the Glee house. Erik comes in and starts to talk to them. He tells them he wants to be open, and tells them the music video will have lots of scenes of their "Dark Sides". The first one to talk is Manuel. He says he never really felt understood. Then is Skylar. He says he was bullied a lot on school. Nadia says the opposite. She says she was the queen bee at school. Erik thinks he has a better idea of what the video is going to look like. The room is silent, and Erik leaves.

Vocals with Nikki: Sam is first. She is struggling again. She is really distracted, and a bit sad. Next is Joey. He is forgetting lines,it's not his best day. We see Sam and Tom outside of the studio, talking, they seem to like each other. Sam, in a confessional says "I get along pretty well with Tom...It's been only two weeks and he's my best friend here.

Music video shoot: We see CJ on set. He can't lipsynch, Erik is getting pissed off. Then we see Emmett. He is seen at a school, getting into a fight with Manuel (acting as the bully) Manuel is calling him a fag, and they start fighting. Erik yells cut and the scene is over, with both hugging, Emmett is feeling vey emotonal. Then, we see Robert and Zach talking. They say Brooke is fading a lot. Skylar, in a confessional says he is glad he had a one on one session with Jayma to help him out this week. We see Jayma and Skylar talking. Skylar tells her that he is afraid he won't do that well on the shooting.

Music Video Time:


Sam:There's a place that i know
Carleigh:it's not pretty there and few have ever gone
Joey:if i show it to you now
Nadia:will it make you run away

Delilah:for will you stay, even if it hurts
Brooke:even if i try to push you out, will you return?
and remind me who i really am
Emmett:please remind me who i really am

Manuel:everybody's got a dark side, do you love me? can you love mine?
Tom:nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it, you know that we're worth it
CJ:will you love me?
even with my dark side?

Skylar:Don't run away, don't run away
Just promise me you will stay
Just promise me you will stay
will you love me?
even with my dark side?

Reveal of the bottom: We see everybody at the stage and the mentors come in. Robert says it was a tough week for everybody, but there's somebody who really stood out this week, and it's...Skylar. Since the start of the week, he was amazing. Robert says there's a second MVP this week, and its...Emmett. He did awesome in his scenes, and he is a great actor. "So Sam, CJ, Joey, and Brooke" says Robert, "Those whose names were not said, congratulations, you're called back for next week" They leave and Zach starts talking. " Brooke: we've felt since the competition started that you haven't been doing your best, and we know you can do so much more". "Joey" Nikki says, "I think this was not your week at the studio, you were struggling a lot, why?" "I was a bit nervious with the theme, actually, all week I've been a bit sad" "CJ: This week, your only problem was lipsynching, and it took a lot of shots to get it right. Sam: You got the comment on the HWA that you were a little flat. Then, in the studio, you were not as good as we expected. Brooke. I'm afraid you will be performing for Ryan tonight. CJ. You will also be performing tonight. We went back and forth between you guys, Sam and Joey, and in the end, we decided that the next called back is....Sam. So Joey: You will be singing a LCP for Ryan tonight. Now, lets talk about your songs. Brooke: You will be singing The Rose by Bette Midler. Joey: You will be singing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. CJ: You will be singing The Other Side by Bruno Mars.

They start rehearsing. CJ says the competition just started and he has been twice in thwe bottom, and that makes him quite upset. Brooke says she will do her best, and try to stay here. Joey says a LCP can be a gift if you know how to use it.
Bonus Scene Time:
We see all the girls at their dorm, and we see Delilah sitting in front of a mirror, with Nadia dying her hair. She says its so fun and that its the first time She's done it.
Its Joey's time to sing.

Robert's got a quick hand.
He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan.
He's got a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth he's a
cowboy kid.
Yeah he found a six shooter gun
In his dads closet hidden in a box of fun things, and I
don't even know what
But he's coming for you, yeah he's coming for you

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better
run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better
run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better
run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better
run, better run, faster than my bullet (x2)

CJ's turn.

Truth of the matter is I'm complicated
You're as straight as they come
You go 'bout your day baby
while I had from the sun

It's better if you don't understand
Cause you wont know what it's like
Til you try

You know I've been waiting on the other side
and you, all you gotta do is cross the line
I could wait a whole life time
but you just gotta decide
You know I
I've been waiting on the other, waiting on the other side

Its Brooke's time to sing

Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love it is a hunger
An endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
And you it's only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live

Robert walks and posts the list. Then, he tells them to go take a look.
They start hugging each other. One by one, they go see the list.
Called Back
Not called back
The episode ends with Brooke singing Keep Holding On
On the next glee project The theme of the week is...Danceability. We see Emmett and Sam talking at the video shoot, and we see Delilah crying on the reveal of the bottom three.

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