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  • LonelyMockingjay


    January 30, 2013 by LonelyMockingjay

    i think this is a god way to get more users back to the wiki :D

    What do u think...should we sign in?

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    First of all please read this article:

    Oxygen isnt sure if Glee will get a 5th season...

    Now read this :D

    as Manuel once said... "Glee is getting a 5th season like 97% sure"

    This means there is a very high possibility that we will get a 3rd season of TGP :D!!!!

    This is why we should never give up :D

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    Everybody is sitting in the house, and Sam says in a confessional camera that Tom just left and she is already missing him a lot. He was one of Sam's best friends in the competition. Robert walks in and he says this week will be hot, because the theme of the week is... Sexuality. Everybody seems to be excited.

    Robert tells them that before they begin with the HWA, he has a surprise for them. He opens the door and Tom walks in, and says in a confessional camera "I'm back b*tches!". Robert tells them the HWA is... So Emotional by Whitney Houston. They start to pick lines.
    So Emotional HWA:
    Everybody is sitting in the choir room and Robert walks in, with the mentor, who is...Dean Geyer. He tells them he wants to see a real performance, something…

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    Guest Mentor: TBA

    Homework Assignment Winner: TBA

    Eliminated: TBA

    First Called Back: TBA

    So here's what you missed on The Glee Project. Emmett and Sam have been together during the whole competition. C.J. has been on the bottom twice...he'd better work it out or he's gonna be on serious problems, meanwhile Nadia and Manuel have not made a single error. Now 10 contenders are left to win. And that's what youve missed on The-Glee-Pro-ject!”

    CJ is super excited to know what the theme of the week is. He says it'd better be a good one, he's been on the bottom twice, he doesnt wanna fall this week.

    Robert arrives, everybody gathers and he says they have to be prepared, because the theme of the week is Dance ability. "Really?! this week??!!" Says C.J. on a …

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    So here's what you missed on The Glee Project. Last week it was a girls episode, Delilah won, Nadia was called back first, and RJ left... boys need to up it a little bit... Right CJ? Now 11 contenders are left to win a prize. And thats what you missed on The-Glee-pro-ject!

    The episode starts with everybody in the Glee house,talking, and Robert comes in."Robert's here!" Tom says, and they all gather aruond."Hey guys!" Robert says."I hope youre ready for the week , because the theme is...Vulnerability! Your homework assignment is...Lights by Nellie Veitenheimer! So this is a song by our beloved Nellie, from season two, so you will need to really work on it to make it unforgettable"

    They start picking lines. Emmett says he LOVES this song. Manu…

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