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The Glee Project Wiki Tournament

The GPWT is a little competition to prove who's the biggest Glee Project Gleek on this wiki. It's like The Glee Project - there are games (homework assignments), the assignment (the music video), the callbacks and the bottom three.


The game is basically the homework assignment. These are normally just fun tasks like adding a verse to a song or playing around with an episode script. There is normally a game winner - sometimes there may be two.


The assignment is like the music video - it tells you who's in the bottom three. These can be adding a chapter to a story or writing a report on an episode etc. I recommend these be written in blog posts, but you can post them in the comments.

Lows and Bottom Three

If the judges think your assignment wasn't good enough, you will be put as 'low'. The 'lows' get their work read again and the bottom three are picked out. The bottom three get seperate assignments to work on. They are sometimes challenging and can have a time limit.


Then the list goes up and someone gets eliminated.

Can I be a part in this?


Yes, of course you can! We need 12 people for one season of the tournament. To audition:

Nominate yourself or a friend in the comments and write why you think you/they would do a good job. If you love writing, the bigger chance you've got. Then the judges will pick out twelve people.


The current judges are:

If any of the judges know and trust you, you may become a judge.

After the top 12 have been picked

Voting is easy. Templates will be made, but if you prefer to write who you voted for in the comments, feel free. Only thirty votes per round until voting closes.

That's it! So get auditioning before time's up! Rounds start 1st January 2012. Get auditioning in the comments section!

I've set the bar soHIGH already! 21:07, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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