Chapter 7: Now Get Over Here and Quit Glee Club!

Lindsay 5
say walked down the crowded corridor, trying to draw her attention away from the pairs of eyes that were goggling at her like she was some sort of freak. Well, she was—a normal person didn’t go round ruining their and other people’s lives. Especially not during their overblown-extreme borderline climb to the top of the popularity ladder. A jock turned away from his locker and checked her out, Lindsay swallowed uncomfortably. A nerd with square glasses and more acne scars than Cameron Diaz stared at her, dribbling, dropping his books in a gaze. Lindsay muttered in disgust and turned to fiddle with her locker.

“Saw Jacob’s blog,” an unfamiliar voice exclaimed. Lindsay spun around to see a buff, blond jock leaning against the lockers, an unpleasant smile on his face. “Whoo, smokin’!” He fanned himself with his jacket.

“Who the hell are you?” snapped Lindsay.

“Sam Evans, sophomore quarterback. You know, you seriously need to re-start your high school life before it all becomes a misery!” It already is... thought Lindsay as she listened. “People are going to hate you if you carry on the way you are. Get popular—it’s the only thing that will save you. Join the Cheerios—you’re fit enough!” Lindsay blushed at his comment. “But the first thing you gotta do is quit Glee Club. That club is for losers and being in that prancy pink perfumed group, who have only been created to make the founders on AutoTune millions of dollars is not gonna help you. Quit the club and join a gang. Be bad—get a bad reputation. Hang out with people like Santana, the Latina. She’s committed several awesome acts—"

“I’m not becoming a prostitute, if that’s what you’re on about.”

“—and she’s second on the Glist.”

“What if I don’t want to be popular?” asked Lindsay, knowing it was a stupid question.

“Then, chica, you’ll be worth nothing.” The jock strolled away, whistled Hot For Teacher his breath. Lindsay watched him as he fiddled with his jacket pockets and she leant against her locker and thought. And thought. And thought. All day and all night. And finally, she reached a decision.

Lindsay strolled into the Glee room, music sheets stuffed in her violet bag. The normal reaction struck—everyone began to shuffle away. Lindsay had gotten used to it—it was the normal routine every day.

“Right!” Eric seemed to have appeared from out of space. “Anyone want to say or sing anything before we get going?” Lindsay swallowed and raised her hand. Eric nodded and Lindsay toddled up to the front.

“H-hello, everyone. Now, I know how stressed out everyone is with all the issues going round the club—and Sectionals piled on top of this. At first, I was going to sing a song to keep us all going. While I still consider this an inspired stroke of musical genius, I have changed my mind. It’s official: I hereby quit the New Directions.” Everyone stared. Lindsay squeezed her eyes shut, ready for the commotion.

“Lindsay, you can’t! Sectionals is in a month’s time and-and you’re our strongest voice!” Hannah protested. “And anyway, you can’t just—quit like that! Not out of the blue!”

“Yes I can, gingernut! I trust you guys to lead this club to a Sectionals victory! You’ll beat Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers and all them groups that are nothing compared to you—“

We’ll be nothing without you!”

“You’ll be fine, Bryce.”

Damian gulped. “Are you doing this because of me?” he whispered.

“Oh, get a life, Leprechaun—as if I’d do this because of you!”

“You’re doing this because you think we’re a bunch of losers, don’t you?”

“Of course not, Em—“

“Yes you are! You’re doing this because some fit jock has told you to quit Glee and join the Cheerios and be bad. Admit it! Admit!

“No, I’m doing it because of the way I’m being treated in this club! Yes, I snapped at Damian—so what?! Everyone’s snapped at their best mate once in a while, yes? Yes?!” bellowed Lindsay, before storming over to the slushie machine, filling a red paper cup and tossing it at the whole group. The lucky people at the sides managed to dodge but the unfortunate people in the middle got the whole cup of freezing liquid. “Now take that in and treat me normal for once in my life!”

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