Previously, on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Lindsay and Damian have had a big argument and aren't speaking. Can their friendship be saved?

Chapter 6: Original Song

The whole room went silent - the only noise that could be heard was the rain bouncing off the concrete outside. Lindsay walked into the Glee room smartly, music sheets under her arm. As soon as she sat down on the couch, everyone shuffled away, their faces blank and expressionless (apart from Emily's, which was full of disgust). Lindsay hid her face beneath her brown hair and frowned. Why was everyone treating her this way? Yes, she snapped at her best friend but everyone's done that once or twice, haven't they?

Damian sat on the edge of the couch, trying to keep his balance as everyone piled onto him, away from Lindsay. No matter how much he tried to be mad at her and hate her, he always felt a little bit sorry for her. And he shouldn't have called her fake, even though she called him far worse names behind his backs (well, that's what Marissa said). Trying his best to not look Lindsay in the eye, he shuffled off the couch and sat by the slushie machine. Lindsay had snapped at him again that morning.

Lindsay sung songs in her head as she walked along the corridor. Damian ran past her. "Hey Damo." she murmured. He ignored her. "Hello, Damian? Leprechaun? Hello? Pixie Boy? Clover? DAMIAN!" Damian began to run. "Fine, go home and tell your mommy. Doesn't bother me."

Lindsay was thinking the exact same thing. What she said wasn't that bad - she didn't mean to be nasty. Her brothers had sharp tounges too and they never got into trouble. Trying to shake it out of her head, she carried on singing in her mind.

Damian made his way down the usually loud hall. The usual stuff was going on - Karofsky and Azimo were on another slushie rampage; the water fountain was playing up; people were knocking books out of other people's hands - and Lindsay had vanished. Damian frowned. Lindsay wasn't anywhere - not by her locker, not in the Glee room, not anywhere. Had she gone for a walk in the street? Possibly.

Lindsay sat on the park bench, crying. She'd been violently rammed up against a locker by Rick 'The Stick' Nelson (a jock) before being publicly humiliated by Emily and Marissa. Plus, Damian was ignoring her. Lindsay rummaged through her school bag and pulled out a battered notebook before grabbing a pink Biro. She began to write.

Holding hands and walking down the street, not caring about anyone else, oh.
That's how my life and we used to be, oh oh.
But now I've gone and screwed it up, broken your heart.
I'm running a race and I can't stop and start. Imma come in last place, no matter how hard I try.

Can we go back to when the world made sense?
Back to when I was intense?
Back to when nothing could push us apart?
But now I've gone and screwed it up.
I'm running a race and I can't keep up.
Can I see your pretty face once more? Cos I really don't know what's in store.

Lindsay didn't feel like writing anymore. Her eyes blurry with tears, she put her homework book back in her back and threw the Biro into a bush - using the same pen to write something else would
feel horrid. She heaved her black bag onto her back and strolled back to school, her legs like jelly. Facing Damian and Emily and Marissa was going to be hard. Lindsay felt like she'd lost the power of her sharp tounge; right now, nothing could save her - sharp or blunt.

Lindsay strolled into Maths class and sat down at her desk - she was stuck between two morons and a girl who had to test every single tube of lipgloss before putting some on. Lindsay sighed and looked at her watch- Mrs Gaynor was always late. Finally, a plump woman with brown hair and a mole on her left cheek came hurrying in, wearing enormously high heels. She breathed raspily and placed her books down.

"Homework," she growled. She had a very deep voice, almost like a man's. She also looked about fifty despite her saying she was fourty-two. Everyone reached down to their bags silently and pulled out their homework books. Lindsay dragged out her blue homework boom (that was covered in drink stains) and held it up in the air. "Maths homework to me, other homework to Mr Batchford." Mr Batchford was Lindsay's normal teacher - he was much nicer that Mrs Gaynor, who kept you in for ages if you got a question. She gave to book to Mrs Gaynor then stared back at it. The pages were open and something was written in pink Biro. Oh no. She'd written her song in her homework book.

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