Previously, on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Lindsay's got herself on Jacob's blog but it's not what it seems to be. What's she got to tell?

Chapter 5: The Argument

"W...what is it, Linds?" stuttered the Irish, a twisted look of worry on his pale face. Lindsay swallowed, a lump slipping down her throat, and forced herself to look him in the eye.

"I...erm..." she began, before the jolly voice of Hannah broke them off.

"Come on, guys, break off the depression around here - you're making me feel down and that never happens!" Hannah wobbled up onto the couch and fiddled with the slushie machine. She pressed the blueberry button and icy blue slushie came gushing into the red plastic cup. "Right, who needs cheering up?"

"Hannah, no! I've had enough slushies for once - I'm even on Jacob's blog! And you look like something outta Avatar when you get downed with blueberry!" complained Lindsay, backing away gently. Damian copied her, trembling.

"That's the fun. Come on, people, have a good time! It's only slushie!" laughed Hannah. Lindsay suddenly felt a wall of rage build inside her - why did Hannah have to ruin everything? "It's only slushie. Who's up for it? Damian?"

Lindsay got angry. Very angry. Being slushied was not fun; it felt like your body temperature had just dropped massively. Without thinking, Lindsay ran up to Hannah, her head boiling. She snatched the cup out of Hannah's hand and threw the liquid right in the ginger's face.

"Lindsay!" choked Damian, running to Hannah's aid. Hannah was coughing and choking terribly; a flicker of guilt raced inside Lindsay's heart.

"She's ... she's just putting it on! I've been slushied plently of times before and never done that!"

"Yeah, but you didn't have to do that!" growled Damian.

"For heavens sake, Damian, you got slushied on your first day! She was asking for it!"

"Why do you always have to be so horrid, Lindsay?! You're horrible to Marissa, you're horrible to Emily ... you took the mick out of me on my first day! Only sick people get dumped on Jacob's blog and you've got your own page! You deserved to get slushied!"

"Oh, so did you! You're so gay, you're not gonna bother sticking around for so long. I did not leave one pathetic Glee club to join another so let me write you a reality check, Leprechaun. I've seen what you can do, and what you can do is stand back, let the slushies hit you and face the truth that being the new kid isn't gonna get you seen. You left your first girlfriend to join some stupid Irish band who produce cheap, one-size-fits-all t-shirts and mugs that crack when one drop of tea hits them. Well you ain't no thunder and lightening yourself, Pixie Boy, so why don't you do this whole schoo
Keep Holding on Marissa 2
l a favour and just disappear?"

Damian went quiet and a red tinge appeared on his face. Lindsay tried to hold back the tears, not believing what she said to her best friend (now ex-best friend). Everyone in the Glee club watched the pair, some eyes wide with awe and others in horror. Emily leant over to Marissa and muttered something and they both frowned. They're probably jealous! thought Lindsay, but her inside smile flickered away when she saw Damian's face.

"Do you ever get tired of bringing people down?" mumbled Marissa, her face peak and white. Lindsay glowered at the girl who used to be her friend.

"Says the girl who sided with the school stripper and went anorexic?" whispered Lindsay, knowing that more and more people were turning against her. She tried to keep the tears down but it was impossible.

"Don't bother turning on the waterworks, Linds. Emily was right; you're just fake." mumbled Damian.

"Don't say that, leprechaun. You've got nothing to lose - your life is perfect. I'm being bullied."


"At least I didn't choose my career over my first love!" she blurted out. After that, it all happened quick. Damian stormed over to the slushie machine and filled at least five paper cups. They came at her like bullets and she ended up lying in a heap on the floor, shivering. Now she knew it. She'd lost too much. Her friends, her reputation, the one person she really cared about: Damian. She'd lost everything.

Author's note:

'Yeah, I know. Dramatic chapter. This is the sad part in the story and the next few chapters are gonna be a bit depressing. This is all fiction - Lindsay has never said this stuff to Damian in real life. Hoped you liked it!  I rely completely on my musical theatre training and be likeWOW.YEAH.COOL.AWESOME! 'LindsayPearceFan 15:28, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

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