Previously, on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Lindsay, Damian and Cameron were the victims of Karofsky's Slushie Rampage; Lindsay's found out about her blog and is desperate to visit it.

Chapter 4: The Blog

As soon as she arrived home, Lindsay ran upstairs without bothering to say hi to her mother. She stormed into her room but skidded to a halt as she flung open the white door.

"Get out! That's my laptop!" she shouted. Her brother was on Lindsay's purple Apple laptop, chatting to a mate on Facebook whilst listening to Black Eyed Peas on full volume through his headphones. As soon as he saw Lindsay, he swiped the headphones off and dashed out the room. No one messes with Lindsay Pearce when she's angry.

Lindsay logged on and flicked onto Google. She slowly typed in the address Cameron gave her, trying to remember the words. When she eventually found the website, she opened it.

The website was flashing neon colours with a picture of the nerdy Jason with his camera. Lindsay scrolled down the long list of pages, looking for her name. Glee's Big Gay Summer....The Slushie Twins....In The Teacher's Lounge....The New Kids....Who's Making Out?....Lindsay Pearce!

She clicked the blue link and it came onto a bright green and magenta page with pictures of Lindsay and blog posts by Jason. She stared in a mix of awe and horror as she looked at all of the comments about her. She clicked the latest blog post and it came up.

Pearce Get's Slushied!

Superawesomemegafox Lindsay Pearce took a sticky blow to the face after being slushied by Dave Karofsky, next to new Irish kid Damian McGanty—" It's Damian McGinty!" thought Lindsay—.She threatened that she would 'Temple Of Doom my fist through your chest and pull out your artificial heart wich I will pin on the flamin' noticeboar'd''''' to Karofsky. Not the most convincin' threat. I think we should include her in 'Glee's Big Gay Summer', don't you?—Lindsay was horrified, being included in that is not good!—Comment on the slushied Pearce below!

Luckily, there were no comments, but she had a horrible pit in her stomach. What would the kids at school say? Cameron had already seen it. What if Emily or Marissa saw it? She'd be teased till the end, but she could always fight back with her sharp tounge. Oh well.


Lindsay wiped her tears and bravely held her head high as she walked into the Glee room, but she was welcomed with the sound of laughter. Damian McGinty was sitting on the large sqaure couch with everyone around him. He seemed to be rapping in his accent; something about walking down Dublin City.

"Hey, Linds! I didn't know you were in Glee!" smiled Damian, recovering from his laughter.

"Yeah, I've been here for ages. You do know this place is practically social suicide?" said Lindsay, kneeling down on the couch next to Damian.

"Yeah, I've been warned. And I know that I'll be slushied every day, but I don't care. I can sing, Erik said so! Come and join the fun, you didn't hear my rap!"

"It ... it sounded good. Nice and catchy."

"Are you alright, Linds? You look sad. Marissa got to you?"

"No ... more like Jacob."

"Who's Jacob? Your ex?"

"I would rather have a chimpanzee as an ex than 'im. He's posted things about me on his blog."

"What things?"

"How I'm being bullied ... how I got slushied with you ... he even spelt your name wrong! Damian McGanty!"

"So what? I get called Pixie Boy by loads of people!"

"Damian, I have something to tell you..."

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