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Lindsay's met the new boy, Damian McGinty, who's taken a shine to the class bitch after getting slushied. Lindsay Pearce falling in love? Never happened.

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Chapter 3: Sweet, Sweet Slushie

"Hi, Linds!" the familiar Irish jingle came to Lindsay's ears. She turned around, other people in the corridor dashing past her to get to the classes. Damian was by his locker in a blue polo shirt and jeans with an ivy green kit bag.

"I took your advice," he smiled, his accent heavy. "Brought some spare clothes. T-shirt and jeans. Expect I'll be needing them soon."

"Yeah, you probably will. I just saw Emily getting slushied but that's my dream come true - I hate her. Karofsky and Azimo are going round on a slushie rampage. I don't know where they get it from." muttered Lindsay, fiddling with her locker. "Crap, I forgot the stupid code!" She slammed her fist into her locker.

"Let me try." offered Damian, taking the lock out of her soft hands. They were really smooth and warm. "Right, what was it ... one, six, five..." Soon, the lock fell open and the locker door flung open. The only bad thing was all her books fell out and fell into a heap on the cold floor. Marissa, who used to be Lindsay's best friend, strutted across and kicked one of her books across the hall with her high heels. Lindsay growled at her.

"We used to so close. If only she hadn't fallen from the Cheerios pyramid and landed on Emily whilst she was sunbathing, we'd still be friends. It were Friday 13th too. What does that tell you?" snapped Lindsay as she looked up. "Oi, Crunchie Bones, still up for that extra-fat super-size cheeseburger with salty chips? Or you still on the toilet-paper diet?" she called to the tall redhead. Marissa blushed as red as her hair and stormed off.

"Woah..." sighed Damian in awe. "Do you always say things like that?"

"Oh yeah, I'm the school bitch." Lindsay said casually, scraping her hair back into a ponytail and picking up her Science book.

"I wish I was that tough. I was picked on at my old school."

"What did they do, put a green hat on you and call you a leprechaun? Give you a four leaf clover?" she scoffed. Damian frowned and muttered something under his breath. "Come on, back to class."

Suddenly, a large wave of blue slushie came over them like rain. The sticky liquid ran down their shirts and drenched their hair and stung their eyes. More slushies came. And more. And more.

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"Karofsky, I am gonna kill you!" screeched Lindsay five minutes later as she wiped the blue slushie from her face. "I am telling you, I will Temple Of Doom my fist through your chest and pull out your artifical heart which I will pin on the flamin' noticeboard!"

"Do they always do that?" asked Damian, aqua juice swimming down his forehead into his scrunched-up eyes.

"Yes! Come on, to the restrooms!" They limped to the restrooms, their arms out in front of them because they couldn't see where they were going. When they arrived in the restroom, they gaped.

"What the...?" gasped Lindsay. At least fifteen different slushie-covered people were spread out everywhere; some getting changed and some getting dry. Lindsay just shrugged and ran out; she returned soon with her kit bag and ran into a cubicle, roughly locking it. She quickly got changed into a turquoise top and jeggings (jeans mixed with leggings). She grabbed a red brush from the side and dragged it through her dripping hair before shaking it under the dryer. Propped up against a mirror, she re-aplied her make-up. "Karofsky done this to you?" she asked a random slushie person. The boy nodded.

"Why do they do it? It's not like they can make a career out of it or something." the boy whined. He was very tall with dirty blond hair and thick, nerdy glasses (he looked pretty cool with his hair soaked with his slushie).

"They do have their own webpage on Jacob's Blog, The Slushie Twins, but apart from that - no," growled Lindsay, her brunette hair tumbling down her back. "I'm Lindsay."

"Cameron. You're Lindsay Pearce? As in, the superawesomemegafox Lindsay Pearce?"

"Who the hell started that? I'm more bitchgobbycowidiot. I'm known as Foul Mouth - picking on people's my speciality."

"You've been described as superawesomemegafox on Jacob's blog."


"Why don't you visit it tonight? You've got your own webpage! The address is www.williammckinleyhighschool/jacob'"

"Alright," smiled Lindsay. "I will."

Next, on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

What will Lindsay find on the blog? Someone's got a crush on Damian and it's not Lindsay. The Glee Club gets an unexpected memer.

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