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Everyone knows Lindsay Pearce, the gobby bitch, and they're all starting to bully her. The mysterious new kid listens in as the club admit their vulnerabilities.

Damian McGinty

Chapter 2: Damian McGinty

He listened in, interested to what the girl was saying. When she'd finished her little speech, he leaned back against the smooth wall, his hand resting on the door handle.

"Hey!" someone shouted very loudly. The new kid swiveled around to see a large jock coming towards him. He had oily ginger hand and arm guns and a nose too big for his face. "You're the new kid, right?" he boomed. His voice echoed through the corridor.

"Er ... yeah ..." the new kid stuttered, terrified someone inside might hear him and know that was was poking his nose in. "I'm Damian McGinty."

"Nice accent, Ireland." The jock smiled an evil grin. Damian felt a flicker of hope, but it quickly burned away when about three other jocks came from behind the ginger.

"Really?" Damian half-grinned.

"No!" Then, as quick as lightening, a red, sweet, sticky drink was thrown in Damian's face. Without thinking, he shouted, wiping the freezing cold juice off his face.

"WELCOME TO AMERICA, IRELAND!" The jock bellowed and, before Damian had time to recover from the eye stinging, he was violently rammed up against a locker. The jocks dashed off, shaking with laughter as Damian lay in a pool of juice.

Lindsay frowned. Someone had shouted outside, she heard it. Trying not to disturb Emily, who was admitting to feeling used, she tiptoed out the door to the abnormally cold corridor. Her blue eyes scanned the long hallway. Then she gasped. Something red was on the lockers; she looked down and saw Damian.

"Holy crap, are you alright?" she managed to splutter out, helping a slushie-covered Damian up. He shook his brown hair, spraying the slushie everywhere. Lindsay ducked to avoid the flying liquid.

"Thanks," said Damian. "I'm alright. Just a couple of jocks. Nothing I can't handle."

"Yeah, it looks like it!" Lindsay said sarcastically. "Are you sure you're okay? You need to go to the restroom and get a change of clothes. By the way, what's your name?"

"Damian McGinty. Yours?" Damian held his hand out to shake.

"Lindsay Pearce. Nice accent." She shook his sticky hand.

"That's what the jocks said to me before they bashed me against that locker." Lindsay pushed him towards the bathroom before dashing off. She returned a couple of minutes later with a green and purple kit bag.

"Luckily for you, I have a spare change of clothes. And don't worry, nothing girly today. Just some jeans
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and a t-shirt. Hopefully they'll fit." She said all this very fast. Damian, understanding half of what Lindsay just said, went into a cubicle and shoved on the shirt and jeans. He came out beaming. Lindsay gave him a black and white towel and he roughly dried his hair.

"Are you sure you can manage alone, now?" asked Lindsay, watching Damian dry his hair.

"You make it sound like I'm alone in the jungle when you say that."

"This place is a jungle sometimes. That will not be your first slushie, so make sure you bring spare clothes, 'cause you can't always wear mine. I only bring spare clothes because of what happened to my friend when she got slushied. She had to wear Emily Vasquez's spare clothes. It's every girl's nightmare - except for Emily's..."

("Just wear them, Lauren!" whined Emily, holding up the clothes. "A tank top and mini skirt?" "You'll pull all the guys! I did!" "My teacher is gonna kill me.")

"Yeah ... so thanks a lot, Lindsay. I'll look out for you at lunch." He smiled a dazzling grin and ran off, his hair still lightly dripping. Lindsay laughed at him then a thought struck her mind. She got rid of it immediately. No, Lindsay Pearce will not fall in love and she never will. Never.

Next on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Who'll get slushied next? A certain someone joins the Glee Club, despite it being social suicide; and the bullying starts to take it's toll on Lindsay.

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