Name: Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Summary: Everyone hates Lindsay Pearce. They think she's a gobby bitch who says what she thinks and can really hurt people's feelings. She feels misunderstood and is on the brink of having no friends ... then Damian McGinty comes. The Irish exchange student takes a shine to Lindsay and they very quickly become very close friends. But someone's standing in their way and soon their friendship is hung. Will they pull through?

Pairing(s): Damian/Lindsay, a bit of Camrissa/Samrissa.

Rating: T (Language)


Chapter 1: Lindsay Pearce

"For the millionth time, Vasquez, I'm fine!" Lindsay Pearce's voice echoed through the hall. The group were in the dance hall, working on the choreography for their dance number (We're Not Gonna Take It) which Lindsay was struggling with. No matter how much people tried to help her, she screamed in their faces and smirked as they back away in fear.

"Bitch," grunted Emily as she stumbled away, annoyed. Emily had tried to help Lindsay with the dance because Emily now knew it off by heart. She watched, not the slightest bit concerned, as Lindsay tried to leap up from the floor. Her long, thin legs just kept slipping from beneath her every time she jumped.

"Ignore her, Emily. She's just a gobby bitch who's too cowardly to admit she can't sing," breathed Ellis who was worn out from the dancing.

"Yeah. Why was she even classed as good?" grumbled Marissa, her flaming red hair falling round her thin face. More and more people were ganging up on Lindsay.

"All right, turkeys! Sit!" Everyone sat down in front of Zak. "I'm not gonna be there on the day of filming, but if you look horrible and stupid, I'll kill you." Some people blinked and leaned back, wondering if he really meant it. Idiots, Lindsay mumbled.

Lindsay rumaged through her locker, looking for her books. Suddenly, someone slammed her locker door, just missing her face.

"Why do you have to be so fake, Pearce?" asked Emily, flipping her hair. Lindsay growled.

"Shut it, Vasquez. At least the producers didn't use me!" she snapped. Emily went incredibly red as Marissa turned a corner, hearing the whole thing.

"Stop being so mean, Lindsay!" whined Marissa, putting at supporting hand on Emily's stiff shoulder. Lindsay scoffed.

"You can't say anything, Skinny Bitch. You used to eat toilet paper cause you were scared of putting on one more pound." snapped Lindsay. "I'm going to Glee Club."

"Hello people." smiled Erik. "As you know, this week's theme is Vulnerability and we're doing Mad World by Tears For Fears. I hope you've all been thining of words that signify vulnerability for you. So, Hannah, what's your word?"

"My word is probably gonna be fat, cause it's kind of a mean word," said Hannah. "Yeah, that would be the worst; that would be the hardest!"

"Alex - what word signifies Alex?"

"My biggest vulnerability is that I am gay. I've just come out to my mom and I'm still in high school - it's my junior year - and I'm not looking forward to people judging me."

"Alright, Samuel?"

"My word would be denied or unwanted. I dated a girl for a while, we talked about getting married. I just don't get how it goes from that to someone meaning more."

"Lindsay?" Everyone suddenly went silent, wondering what the 'bitch' would say.

"Erm ... people will say that they can't see past my ... physical features. And since then it's all I've felt, like I'm just a trophy; every day I try to put a happy smile on my face and be kind to people, but I feel fake."

Unknown to everyone else, behind the door, the new kid was sneakily listening in.

Next on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

Who is this mysterious new kid? The group get their first slushies, but Lindsay gets it the hardest. The bulling grows on her, and she snaps with her hardest comment yet...

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