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    Away in a manger, no crib for a bed.

    The glee club all sat in the festive decorated room, harmonizing to famous Christmas songs, but they couldn't feel anything but empty without their strongest voice. Erik stood there, a grim look on his face. When the group finished, Erik clapped unenthusiastically.

    "Erm... good job guys. Great. Now, go and play - and stick a smile on those faces - it's Christmas day, for heavens' sakes!" so the group split up and spread around the hallway. Now, the hall looked stunning. Fake snow twinkled down, the tree was even bigger and no one was throwing slushies anymore. Sure, they were filling people's lockers with snow but nothing apart from that.

    Lindsay sat against her locker, knees tucked up to her chest, admiri…

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  • LindsayPearceFan

    Christmas Updates

    December 21, 2011 by LindsayPearceFan

    Hi. I'm going away for Christmas with Brownies (a club I go to - starting today) and won't be on for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So just some things to say.

    You can now google the wiki and it will show. See for yourself:

    I'm moving the date to start the rounds forward until we have at least twelve auditions. Please audition, we need you! It'll be fun!

    As you may know, the next chapter of my fanfic will be released on Christmas Day. It'll be a Christmas episode.

    But after that, I am STUCK for ideas. Read the Christmas chapter and see if you can come up with any ideas. I'm aiming for at least ten chapters.

    So, apart from that, I'll see you on Boxing Day (26th Dec). Bye!

    -Eloise (I've set the bar soHIGH already! 13:09, December 21, 2011 (UTC))

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    Previously, on Maybe This Time I'll Win...

    Lindsay's quit the New Directions for a better social life...will she get it?

    The hall was buzzing. The large walls were decked with holly and wreaths and shimmering tinsel that glittered when it caught the light. Everyone's lockers had Christmas cards stuck on the with tape. A gargantuan, bristly Christmas tree stood tall and proud in the corridor, sparkling baubles and tinsel dangling off it and a golden star at the top. Several wrapped presents rested under the shadow of the beast, all in green and red paper.

    Lindsay strolled down the corridor, the itchy cheerleader outfit irritating her. She'd done it - she'd joined the cheerios. She'd managed to get past Sue Sylvester's sharp tounge, complete the…

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    The GPWT is a little competition to prove who's the biggest Glee Project Gleek on this wiki. It's like The Glee Project - there are games (homework assignments), the assignment (the music video), the callbacks and the bottom three.


    The game is basically the homework assignment. These are normally just fun tasks like adding a verse to a song or playing around with an episode script. There is normally a game winner - sometimes there may be two.


    The assignment is like the music video - it tells you who's in the bottom three. These can be adding a chapter to a story or writing a report on an episode etc. I recommend these be written in blog posts, but you can post them in the comments.

    Lows and Bottom Three

    If the judges think your assignmen…

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  • LindsayPearceFan

    Lindsay walked down the crowded corridor, trying to draw her attention away from the pairs of eyes that were goggling at her like she was some sort of freak. Well, she was—a normal person didn’t go round ruining their and other people’s lives. Especially not during their overblown-extreme borderline climb to the top of the popularity ladder. A jock turned away from his locker and checked her out, Lindsay swallowed uncomfortably. A nerd with square glasses and more acne scars than Cameron Diaz stared at her, dribbling, dropping his books in a gaze. Lindsay muttered in disgust and turned to fiddle with her locker.

    “Saw Jacob’s blog,” an unfamiliar voice exclaimed. Lindsay spun around to see a buff, blond jock leaning against the lockers, an …

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