Round 1 : Number 1 Hits

Round 2 (Musical Heroes)

Round 3 : Love & Heartbreak

This is round 4!


Last week, unfortunately Matheus Fernandez & Fantastic 4 were eliminated . This week is Song by the judges week, so all the act will sing the song sang by the judges in the competition, or recorded song. instead of vote the best, you will RANK them, and it's going to be DOUBLE ELIMINATION, so please vote wisely!

The remaining groups :

Nerdish Brothers (Damian McGinty & Cameron Mitchell)

XO Girls (Shanna Henderson, Aylin Bayragmolu, Ali Stroker & Marissa Von Bleicken)

Category(mentor) Acts
Teens (Frey) Ellis Wylie Michael Weisman Dani Shay Matheus Fernandez
Young Adult(Amaro)              Lily Mae Harrington Lindsay Pearce Mckynleigh Abraham Samuel Larsen
Overs (Rene) Nellie Veitenhemer Mario Bonds Emily Vasquez Alex Newell
Groups (Brooke) XO Girls              Man x 4                         Nerdish Brother                     Fantastic 4                         
Acts Order Songs Judges Results
Dani Shay 1 Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye)                                                 Ally
Lily Mae Harrington 2 Feeling Good (Nina Simone) Melanie
Mario Bonds 3 Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson) Melanie
Lindsay Pearce                     4 Lady Marmalade (Christina Aguilera) CeCe
Nellie Veitenhemer 5 Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga) CeCe
Nerdish Brothers 6 No One (Alicia Keys) Chris
Michael Weisman 7 Young Homie (Chris Rene) Chris
Samuel Larsen 8 Let It Be (The Beatles Chris
Emily Vasquez 9 I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) Melanie
Alex Newell 10 Because Of You (Kelly Clarkson)                                             CeCe
Mckynleigh Abraham 11 Skyscraper (Demi Lovato) Ally
XO Girls 12 Impossible  (Shontelle)               Ally
Final Showdown Details

Judges vote to eliminate :

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