Round 1 : Number 1 Hits

This is round 2!

Round 3 : Love & Heartbreak


Last week, Alex Newell got the number one spot, but unfortunately Man x 4 & Nerdish Brothers were the bottom two, so it was hard for Ally, so she put it to the deadlock and Man x 4 was going home. This week is Musical Heroes week, and please vote wisely!

The remaining groups :

Nerdish Brothers (Damian McGinty & Cameron Mitchell)

XO Girls (Shanna Henderson, Aylin Bayragmolu, Ali Stroker & Marissa Von Bleicken)

Fantastic 4 (Hannah Mclalwin, Bryce Ross-Johnson, Taryn Mai & Abraham Lim)

Category(mentor) Acts
Teens (Frey) Ellis Wylie Michael Weisman Dani Shay Matheus Fernandez
Young Adult(Amaro)              Lily Mae Harrington Lindsay Pearce Mckynleigh Abraham Samuel Larsen
Overs (Rene) Nellie Veitenhemer Mario Bonds Emily Vasquez Alex Newell
Groups (Brooke) XO Girls              Man x 4                         Nerdish Brother                     Fantastic 4                         
Acts Order Songs Artist Results
Michael Weisman 1 Hero Enrique Iglesias Safe
Fantastic 4 2 We Are The Champion   Queen Safe
Emily Vasquez 3 Girl On Fire Alicia Keys Safe
Samuel Larsen 4 Just The Way You Are                                       Bruno Mars                     Safe
Ellis Wylie 5 Big Spender Sweet Charity                        Bottom2
XO Girls 6 Hero Mariah Carey Bottom2
Nellie Veitenhemer 7 The Scientist Coldplay Safe
Mckyneigh Abraham 8 If Ain't Got You Alicia Keys Safe
Matheus Fernandez 9 A Change Is Gonna Come                                             Sam Cooke Safe
Nerdish Brothers 10 Ben Michael Jackson Safe
Alex Newell 11 Starships Nicki Minaj Safe
Lindsay Pearce 12 Rule The World Take That Safe
Dani Shay 13 Never Can Say Goodbye Jackson 5 Safe
Lily Mae Harrington 14 Beautiful Christina Aguilera Safe
Mario Bonds                     15 Imagine John Lennon Safe
Final Showdown Details
Ellis Wylie 1 Mack The Knife Eliminated
XO Girls 2 Come See About Me Safe

Judges vote to eliminate :

CeCe - Adore you both, but i'm sending home XO Girls

Ally - XO Girls was in the bottom, this is a joke, i'm sending home Ellis

Melanie - I think that XO Girls is the better performer, so i'm sending home Ellis

Chris - It's an easy desicion, based on the progress, the act thet i'm sending home is Ellis Eylie.

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