The Glee Factor : Week 2 (Number One Songs)

Last week, Santana Lopez got number one spot, congratulation, Santana :) But, unfortunately Will Schuester and Outschool were in the bottom two, and Outschool was sending home. Now, the theme is Number One Songs, it can be mean the number one hits song or the song to get them to number one spot, and you will not for the worst, so you will vote for the best and the best of the best :)

LA Reid (Groups) - 679 (Kurt, Wade, Quinn Harmony & Tina), The Betties (Kitty, Sugar & Brittany), Football 344 (Artie, Sam, Finn, Mike & Puck), Outschool (Jesse, Hunter & Brody)

Britney Spears (Over 25) - Holly, Holiday, April Rhodes, Will Schuester & Shelby Corcoran

Demi Lovato (Teens) - Marley Rose, Jake Puckerman, Sunshine Corazon & Rory Flanagan

Simon Cowell (Young Adults) - Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Blaine Anderson & Santana Lopez


679 (Kurt, Wade, Quinn, Harmony & Tina)

The Betties (Sugar, Brittany & Kitty)

Football 344 (Artie, Sam, Finn, Mike & Puck)

Song List

Acts Order Songs Original Artist Results
Santana Lopez 1 Don't You Remember Adele
Holly Holiday 2 Take Me or Leave Me RENT
Football 344 3 3 Britney Spears
Jake Puckerman 4 Runaway Baby Bruno Mars
Mercedes Jones 5 Last Dance Donna Summer
Shelby Corcoran 6 Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Whitney Houston
The Betties 7 Womanizer Britney Spears
Rory Flaganan 8 Lean On Me Bill Withers
Blaine Anderson 9 It's Not Unusual Tom Jones
April Rhodes 10 Dreams Fleetwood Mac
Marley Rose 11 Last Friday Night Katy Perry
Will Schuester 12 Somebody Like You Keith Urban
Rachel Berry 13 Brokenhearted Karmin
679 14 Telephone Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce
Sunshine Corazon 15 (What Doesn't Kill You Makes You) Stronger Kelly Clarkson
Final Showdown Performance

Judges Decision to eliminate :

Callback Order

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