I'm coming back... and as usual with new game, titled Glee & TGP Idol, like Nm9309 does, these are information you need for this game:

- This show will featured GLEE STARS & TGP.

- We're gonna start from Sudden Death Round, so TGP & GLEE STARS Top 40, will be split into 4 groups (2 groups for guys, and 2 for girls) and you will decide who you pick as your Top 20

- In the Top 20, you will pick 5 from Guys & Girls, who you pick as your Top 10, and will the 6th vote getters from girls & guys will do Sing-off to get the 11th spot, and i will decide, who gets it.

- In every week, 1 person, will be going home, except the judges will use the SAVE

- Every week, i will announce who is in your TOP 3 votes, the rank and the Bottom three.

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