Officialy, we got our Top 20, but they can't be happy  because they will be competing again. 5 of Girls and 5 Guys will be advanced to the Top 10, but it is not Top 10 again, there will be Sing-off to get the 11th spot, so the 6th vote getter of Girls and Guys, will be doing Sing-off, one of them will be the person who get the final spot in the Top 11, and the person will decide is ME. So, these are your Top 20:



Order Contestant Songs Result
1 Jenna Uskhowitz "Just Give Me a Reason"                                           Sing-off
2 Emily Vasquez "Big Girls Don't Cry" Eliminated
3 Lily Mae      Harrington                              "Mercy" Eliminated
4 Marissa Von Bleicken "You and I" Advanced
5 Nellie Veitenhemer "Perfect" Eliminated
6 Lindsay Pearce "Nobody's Perfect" Eliminated
7 Aylin Bayragmolu "Take a Bow" Advanced
8 Lea Michele "I Was Here" Advanced
9 Amber Riley "Ain't No Way" Advanced
10 Naya Rivera "One and Only" Advanced


Order Contestant Songs Result
1 Charlie Lubeck "For Once In My Life" Eliminated
2 Dean Geyer "Closer" Advanced

Mark Salling

"Fat Bottomed Girl" Advanced
4 Damian McGinty                    "These Boots Are Made for Walkin' " Eliminated
5 Samuel Larsen "You Can't Always Get What You Want"                                                              Eliminated
6 Alex Newell "A Change Is Gonna Come" Advanced
7 Blake Jenner "I'll Be" Eliminated
8 Darren Criss "Somewhere Only We Know" Advanced
9 Cameron Mitchell "Your Song" Advanced
10 Michael Weisman "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Sing-off


Order Contestant Songs Result
1 Michael Weisman "Iris" Eliminated
2 Jenna Uskowitzh                      "Angel"                         


So, officialy we've got our Top 11, here they are:

Marissa Von Bleicken

Aylin Bayragmolu

Lea Michele

Amber Riley

Naya Rivera

Dean Geyer

Mark Salling

Alex Newell

Darren Criss

Cameron Mitchell

Jenna Uskowitzh

Voting starts soon.. :)

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