Last week 5 guys & 5 girls from first group advanced to the Top 20, but we need 10 more to fill that position. Like last week, they will sing the song they choose, to showcase their voice, so choose base on who have the best voice! Sudden Death Round Group 2, beginn!!



Order Contestant Songs Result
1 Becca Tobin "Everybody Talks" Eliminated
2 Dani Shay "We Found Love"                              Eliminated
3 Ali Stroker "Here's to Us" Eliminated
4 Mckynleigh Abraham                   "Last Name" Eliminated
5 Melissa Benoist "Everytime" Eliminated 
6 Lea Michele                           "Don't Rain on My Parade"       Adavanced
7 Emily Vasquez "Grenade"                                                Advanced
8 Aylin Bayragmolu "Without You" Advanced
9 Nellie Veitenhemer           "If I Were a Boy" Advanced
10 Lily Mae Harrington "Someone Like You" Advanced


Order Contestant Songs Result
1 Chord Overstreet                            "Lucky" Eliminated
2 Blake Jenner "Losing My Religion"                        Advanced
3 Michael Weisman "Brick" Advanced
4 Abraham Lim "Stereo Hearts" Eliminated
5 Maxfield Camp "Raining on Sunday"                  Eliminated 
6 Matheus Fernandes "Gives You Hell" Eliminated
7 Mark Salling "Sweet Caroline" Advanced
8 Mario Bonds "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Eliminated
9 Dean Geyer "Fix You" Advanced
10 Alex Newell "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" Advanced

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