This is round 1!

Round 2 : Musical Heroes


Welcome to the first round of The Glee Project X Factor. Tonight the theme is Number 1 Hits, so the contestant will sing the hits song, and you will choose who are the best who have the X Factor. Two with the lowest number of vote will sing for survivalm and the judges will decide which act they're gonna send home, so please vote wisely.

Called Back : Votes percentace:
Alex Newell 10,79%
Michael Weisman 9,74%
Nellie Veitenhemer 9,43%
Lily Mae Harrington                  9,12%
Mario Bonds 8,96%
Mckynleigh Abraham 8,35%
Lindsay Pearce 8,04%
Emily Vasquez 7,11%
Samuel Larsen 6,96%
XO Girls 6,49%
Dani Shay 4,33%
Fantastic 4 2,63%
Ellis Wylie 2,47%
Matheus Fernandez 2,16%
Nerdish Brothers 1,70%
Not Called Back :
Man x 4 1,55%
Category (mentor) Score of the week            
Overs(Chris)                 4.688
Young Adult (Melanie) 2.683
Teens (CeCe) 1.563
Groups (Ally) 938
The remaining groups :

Nerdish Brothers (Damian McGinty & Cameron Mitchell)

XO Girls (Shanna Henderson, Aylin Bayragmolu, Ali Stroker & Marissa Von Bleicken)

Man x 4 (Maxfield Camp, Tyler Ford, Blake Jenner & Charlie Lubeck)

Fantastic 4 (Hannah Mclalwin, Bryce Ross-Johnson, Taryn Mai & Abraham Lim)

Category(mentor) Acts
Teens (Frey) Ellis Wylie Michael Weisman Dani Shay Matheus Fernandez
Young Adult(Amaro)              Lily Mae Harrington Lindsay Pearce Mckynleigh Abraham Samuel Larsen
Overs (Rene) Nellie Veitenhemer Mario Bonds Emily Vasquez Alex Newell
Groups (Brooke) XO Girls              Man x 4                         Nerdish Brother                     Fantastic 4                         
Acts Order Songs Artist Results
Lily Mae Harrington      1 In The Deep                            Adele                          Safe
Ellis Wylie                              2 Hey Soul Sister Train Safe
Alex Newell 3 Bad Romance Lady Gaga Safe
Man x 4 4 Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears Bottom 2
Samuel Larsen                     5 Animal                                    Neon Trees Safe
Dani Shay 6 Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Safe
Emily Vasquez 7 Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna                   Safe
Nerdish Brothers 8 Blackbird The Beatles Bottom 2
Matheus Fernandez 9 Sexy & I Know It LMFAO Safe
Mckynleigh Abraham 10 Nobody Knows P!nk Safe
Nellie Veitenhemer 11 Life Would Suck Without You Kelly Clarkson Safe
Fantastic 4 12 Hate On Me Jill Scott Safe
Michael Weisman 13 Let Me Love You Ne-Yo Safe
Lindsay Pearce 14 Diamonds Rihanna Safe
Mario Bonds 15 Without You David Guetta ft. Usher Safe

XO Girls

16 A Thousand Years Christina Perri Safe
Final Showdown Details
Man x 4 1 Can't Touch This Eliminated
Nerdish Brothers 2 Haven't Met You Yet Safe

Judges vote to eliminate : Melanie - I felt bad for Ally, because her two acts are in the bottom. I think that Man x 4 is more ready than Nerdish Brothers, so i'm gonna send Nerdish Brothers home.

CeCe - I think Nerdish Brothers has more X Factor than Man x 4, so the act i'm gonna sending home is Man x 4.

Chris - They (Melanie and Cece) make confuse, because i'm gonna send home the act that they're not sending home, but it's an easy desicion to send Man x 4 home.

Ally - Uhh.. I think they don't deserve the place in the bottom, so i'm gonna put it to the deadlock.


Man x 4 : 47,62% to save

Nerdish Brothers : 52,38% to save

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