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Hullo, people! Now, as a few of you may know, I love writing! I've already written a fanfic on here, so I'm gonna write another one!

I'm holding auditions! I need 14 teens - 7 boys, 7 girls - and a couple more chars, so read on if you want to take part!


What Characters I Need

So, for this fanfiction, what's needed is...

Seven teenage boys

Four jocks (4/4)

A nerdy boy who's never successful with the girls.

A wealthy, posh boy who's fit and is always going out with the girls.

A transfer teenage tearaway who joins the Glee club to find his way, yet ends up getting bullied a lot.

Seven teenage girls

Four cheerleaders (4/4)

A chatty, lively girl who wants to get into Yale, so she wants to put school musical leads on her CV.

A quiet, private girl who loves writing and singing.

The transfer teenage tearaway's little sister, who's also a trouble-maker, and she takes the mick of her older brother for joining the club yet she soon joins herself.


A Glee Club teacher who's going through a marriage disaster.

A vile cheerleading coach.



Age (16-18):

Category (cheerleader, jock, teacher, 'chatty girl' etc):

Appearance (accompanied with a celebrity image if you like):





Audition Song:


Callback List

Tyler Festa - Jock, 17 years old, quarterback position.

Ryan Brooks - Teenage Tearaway, 17 years old.

Zaden Cydan - Jock, 17 years old, wide reciever position.

Lexi Scheffler - 16 years old, Head Cheerleader.

Alicia Chayne, 18 years old, Cheerleader.

Cassie Angelo, 16 years old, Cheerleader.

Mai Kimiko, 16 years old, Cheerleader.

Evangeline Fonny, 16 years old, Chatty girl.

Josh Whitman, 17 years old, a wealthy, posh boy who's fit and goes out with the girls.

Leslie Grande, 16 years old, a quiet, private girl who loves writing and singing.

Seymour West, 16 years old, a nerdy boy who's never successful with the girls.

Maybeck Jackson, 18 years old, Jock.

Violet Brooks, 16 years old, the transfer teenager tearaway's little sister.

Demetria von Tussell, 43 years old, Cheerleading coach.

Peter Daley, 16 years old, jock.

Brian Dinallo, 34 years old, Glee Club teacher who's going through a marrige disaster.

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