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    Update Pause

    October 9, 2012 by Lead The Careers

    Hullo! Right, it's probably over-the-top making this blog, but there will be an update pause with all of my fanfics for 2-3 days from Friday 11th October 2012 to Monday 14th October 2012. I'm off to Blackpool (a holiday place in England)!

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    A Lot of FanFics.

    October 5, 2012 by Lead The Careers

    I realize that I am participating in quite a lot of fanfics, a couple I am writing/co-writing. I know that a lot of people enjoy my fanfic The Glee Project: Hunger Games, and I am co-writing The Murderer of the Murphy Mansion with the very talented writer, Orbstar, with quite a lot more.

    I am releasing another interactive Glee Project fanfic after TGP: HG, so that means I have about five or six fanfics on my hands. Then I have school weaved in my schedule and it takes out several hours in my day, which doesn't help matters in any way, so if I do start my new fanfic, obviously all of my updates will slow down.

    I am sorry if my updates slow down to a very stupid pace. My new fanfic won't be released until TGP: HG is done/close to the end, so don't w…

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    Sponsoring is now closed

    So, instead of having to go through the comment looking for the sponsoring and sending gifts, I decided to make a seperate blog for all the sponsoring tributes for The Glee Project: Hunger Games.

    Let the games continue...

    These are the supplies you can send your tributes.

    Name Current Price Regeneration Notes
    Bread $5 + 5% Health Ten slices
    Whole Chicken $15 + 7% Health Will last five days before going off
    Fruits (two apples, two oranges, two bananas and a handful of grapes) $10 + 10% Health Will mould after six days
    Water Bottle (2 litres) $20 + 10% Health In a metal bottle
    Water Bottle (5 litres) $25 + 12% Health In a metal bottle
    Stew $50 + 15% Health The famous 'lamb and plum' stew
    Salad $35 + 10% Health Lettuce, carrots…

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    To go to the Sponsoring blog, click here.

    The fan fiction has started (again)!

    Right, so, I do hope you all know what The Hunger Games are (here's the wiki). It's where two children - one boy, one girl - are picked at random, or reaped, to participate in a competition where they go into a vast, gamemaker-controlled arena and literally fight to the death.

    So, I had an idea one day! What if we took some of the Glee Project contestants and, in a fanfic, placed them into the arena?

    So, let the games continue....


    I leap into the water, and it's a lot deeper than I expect. I kick my legs until they feel like they are made of rags, and I pull the water back with my arms until they are limp and lifeless. I gag several times as the water shoots up my nose and…

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