This page is the progress page. It will be updated after each round.


This is the offical 16 contestants on The X Factor Mashup.

Category (Mentor) Acts
XF/TV Contestants (Manuel) Colin Mcloughlin Ella HendersonJillian Jensen Jeffrey Adam Gutt
The Glee Project Contestants (Syler) Cameron Mitchell Michael Weisman Nellie Veitenheimer Shanna Henderson
The Glee Stars (Tasia) Jacob Artist Lea Michele Mark Salling Melissa Benoist
AI Contestants/ YA(Mauricio) Christina Grimmie Colton Dixon Lisa Lavie Phillip Phillips

Wildcard Picks

These contestants where originally eliminated but were brought back as the wildcard contestants.

Category (Mentor) Acts
XF/TV Contestants (Manuel) Carly Rose Soneclar
The Glee Project Contestants (Syler) Marissa von Bleicken
The Glee Stars (Tasia) Dianna Agron
AI Contestants/ YA(Mauricio) Sam Tsui

Progress Chart

Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2
Cameron Mitchell Safe
Carly Rose Soneclar Safe
Christina Grimmie Safe
Colin Mcloughlin Safe
Colton Dixon Safe
Dianna Agron Safe
Ella Henderson Safe
Jacob Artist Safe
Jeff Gutt Safe
Jillian Jensen Safe
Lea Michele Safe
Marissa Von Bleicken Safe
Mark Salling Safe
Michael Weisman Safe
Nellie Veitenheimer Safe
Phillip Phillips Safe
Sam Tsui Bottom 2
Shanna Henderson Safe
Lisa Lavie Eliminated
Judges voted to: Eliminate
Manuel's vote Lisa Lavie
Syler's vote Lisa Lavie
Tasia's vote Sam Tsui
Mauricio's vote Lisa Lavie

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