Okay everyone here is the first live show. Vote now to make sure your favorites make it far. Everyone has 18 votes which means that you can pick 16 contestants out of 20. You must leave 4 blanks which are the people who you think would do the worst. Please vote :D good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in you favorites favor :D....Also two contestants with the lowest votes will have to have a battle round, and the mentors decide who is eliminated from the bottom 2.

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Dianna Agron 1 "Say a Little Prayer For You" Safe
Jillian Jensen 2 "If I Die Young" Safe
Marissa Von Bleicken 3 "City" Safe
Lisa Lavie 4 "Angel" Bottom 2
Mark Salling 5 "Sweet Home Alabama" Safe
Colin Mcloughlin 6 "Titanium" Safe
Michael Weisman 7 "We Found Love" Safe
Phillip Phillips 8 "Home" Safe
Melissa Benoist 9 "Hero" Safe
Ella Henderson 10 "Rule The World" Safe
Nellie Veitenheimer 11 "If I Were a Boy" Safe
Christina Grimmie 12 "Just a Dream" Safe
Jacob Artist 13 "I'll Be" Safe
Jeffrey Adam Gutt 14 "Blurry" Safe
Cameron Mitchell 15 "Blackbird" Safe
Colton Dixon 16 "Piano Man" Safe
Lea Michele 17 "Here's To Us" Safe
Carly Rose Soneclar 18 "Feelling Good" Safe
Shanna Henderson 19 "Song To Ronan" Safe
Sam Tsui 20 "Rolling in the Deep" Bottom 2
Final showdown details
Act Order Song Result
Sam Tsui 1 Start Again Saved
Lisa Lavie 2 Halo Eliminated

Most if not all the songs sang have actually been sung by the contestant. The videos are on youtube if you would like to here what some of the people sound like :D'

The mentors each must pick an act to eliminated from the compeition.

Manuel's vote: Lisa Lavie, felt sam wanted it more.

Syler's vote: Lisa Lavie, felt that lisa wasnt opening up enough.

Tasia's vote: TBA

Mauricio's vote: Lisa Lavie, no reason.

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