Hello everyone and welcome to this brand new fan fic. This fan fic is based of the hit tv show called The X Factor in which people across the world compete for a chance at a 5 million dollar record deal. This is a Fan Fic so obviously its not the prize, as prize is still being determined. Okay so to go into detail this fan fic will include contestants from The Glee Project, Glee stars, American Idol Contestants/Youtube artist, and my favorite X Factor contestants/The Voice contestants.

Thousands of people auditioned and know only 32 contestants have made it to Judges Houses. Manuel is mentoring contestants from the X factor/The Voice. Tyler and Sam are mentoring the contestants from the glee project. Nasia and Tom is mentoring the Glee stars. Mauricio is mentoring the American Idol contestants/Youtube artist.

Team Manuel

Contestants Age Audition Song
Carly Rose Sonenclar 13 Broken Hearted
Colin Mcloughlin 24 Wild World
Ella Henderson 16 Original Song "Missed"
Jillian Jensen 20 Who You Are
Jeffrey Adam Gutt 36 Hallelujah

Team Tyler and Sam aka Syler

Contestants Age Audition Song
Cameron Mitchell 22 Love Can Wait
Marissa Von Bleicken 20 Hate On Me
Michael Weisman 18 Brick
Nellie Veitenheimer 20 California King Bed
Shanna Henderson 22 Mine

Team Nasia and Tom aka Tasia

Contestants Age Audition Song
Dianna Agron 26 Pretty/Unpretty
Jacob Artist 19 Never Say Never
Lea Michele 26 Roots Before Branches
Mark Salling 30 What Hurts The Most
Melissa Benoist 24 Everytime

Team Mauricio

Contestants Age Audition Song
Christina Grimmie 18 Titanium
Colton Dixion 20 Love The Way You Lie
Lisa Lavie 29 If I Were a Boy
Phillip Phillips 22 Blown Away
Sam Tsui 23 Hold It Against Me

Judges Houses Info

32 out of millions of people made it to judges houses. Each team was only allowed to bring 4 contestants with them to the live shows, 2 girls and 2 guys. This means that 4 people from each team had to be eliminated.

Live Shows

Contestants tha made it to live shows.

  • Team Manuel: Colin Mcloughlin, Ella Henderson, Jillian Jensen, Jeffrey Adam Gutt.
  • Team Syler: Cameron Mitchell, Michael Weisman, Nellie Veitenheimer, Shanna Henderson.
  • Team Tasia: Jacob Artist, Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Melissa Benoist.
  • Team Mauricio: Christina Grimmie, Colton Dixion, Lisa Lavie, Phillip Phillips.

Eliminated Acts

  • Team Manuel: Bella Ferraro, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Joe Kirkland, Mackenzie Bourg.
  • Team Syler: Ali Stroker, Blake Jenner, Charlie Lubeck, Marrisa Von Bleicken.
  • Team Tasia: Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, Dean Geyer.
  • Team Mauricio: Jennifer Hudson, Lauren Alaina, Alex Goot, Sam Tsui.

Wildcard picks

Each team got to choose one person that was eliminated at judges houses to come back to live shows.

  • Team Manuel: Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • Team Syler: Marrisa Von Bleicken
  • Team Tasia: Dianna Agron
  • Team Mauricio: Sam Tsui


Okay so each episode will have a blog each week. Everyone will vote, and the two with the least votes will have to sing a survival song choosen by there mentor. Then since its a fan fic we wont actually see them sing...the 4 mentors will name one person from bottom two who they would like too send home. If each contestant get two votes against them, then it will go to dead lock, and the contestant with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated.

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