Okay so this is my review of the music video.

The video its self was amazing I really enjoyed and thought it was cut...I felt like with is being romanticality though I think just a simple slow kiss would have been better and super make out session.

Michael- I thought he step it up vocally I really didn't hear any pitchingness haha, yes it wasn't the greatest, but better than lately...his acting was awesome I actually felt he was on glee lol. His connection with lily was amazing I didn't think the two could pull it out. Lily- I don't like lily very much, but she was great in this, for once I didn't think she over did it. She wasn't that good vocally either but I don't care she was amazing with Michael. However after saying all that I feel Michael over shadow lily just a little bit.

Aylin- okay so her vocals were amazing and great acting with shanna, and felt like a little bit of her facial expression were a little forced but that's about it, loved her playfullness with shanna. Shanna- I thought she was the best vocally out of everyone...I felt she seem a little tiny bit uncomfortable but that's about it. She probably had major issues filming. Overall they did pretty good. Again Aylin over shadow shanna a little bit.

Blake- his acting was good, not his greatest though. I had probably with him and Ali though, but the both did okay. Ali- okay vocals wasn't feeling liking it, I felt she forced a lot of her facial expression, but I got over it. The couple didn't seem to have that connection like the other two, I felt Blake was trying a little two hard. So yeah not much else to say about the couple.

it was a fantastic video overall.

HIGH: Michael and Lily
LOW: Ali
RISK: Shanna, Blake, and Aylin
Eliminated: Shanna possible Ali as well
HWA Winner: Blake because I think he got to pick Ali as his partner, and he is featured a lot and I think he got some extra words to. Not sure but I think Blake and Michael need to win one because that's not fair that the all the other got to win one because they said pick someone different each time.

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