Okay so this blog is for User that want the top 4 to be Aylin, Shanna, Michael, and Blake. Comment what ever you like. Chat about character you think they could possibly play on glee. Explain why you think so-and-so should win. Also you can talk about how the did in each episode.

Blake- I found a article that someone made, what his character should be if he where to win. They guy who wrote it named his character as Chris. Chris is a sophomore from Texas who transfers to Mckinley. Chris of course get to be quarterback. Sam find out Chris can sing in the shower and his amazed. Sam then finds out that Chris has a child. The mother had died so now Chris raised his child with the help of his parents.

Michael- I think he could play puck's younger brother with a very dark secret. Puck had moved away over the summer. Meanwhile his dad started physically abusing Michael's character. Michael is a new freshmen btw. Will and sue find out that his father beats him. All stuff happens. This is how Puck can come back to show he never knew about it, Puck decide to move back and take Michael's character under his wing.

Aylin- could be a new freshmen and his very religious we find out she is the daugther of figgins. Aylin begins dating Joe and things end up happening and their parents find out and maddness happens.

Shanna- I don't know

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