The Glee Project

Season 3

Hello everyone so i decided to make a mini fan fic. There is not auditioning its just about having fun and reading my blogs :D So anyways the competition consist of 18 contestants! This should be fun....episodes 1-5 will have a double elimination! 6-10 will have just a single elimination. So yes :D ALL ELIMINATIONS /WINNERS will be dertermined by RANDOMIZER. Whoever makes it to the finale....then the public will decide who wins :D


  • Dianna
  • Melissa
  • Vanessa
  • Nellie
  • Aylin
  • Shanna
  • Lindsay
  • Marissa
  • Emily
  • Chord
  • Chris
  • Jacob
  • Blake
  • Michael
  • Abraham
  • Matheus
  • Damian
  • Cameron


Episode 1

Everyone enters the room 1 at a time….

Emily VD: What the hell? OMFG now there is 18 people here I must destroy! >:o

Dianna VD: This is literally so amazing. This is going to help me so much; I deserve the spot on glee!

Robert walks in

Robert: Hello guys and welcome….after two seasons I’m sure you guys know the routine. What’s different is that instead of a bottom 3 it will be a bottom 4! Also instead of Nikki choosing your songs for LCP, you will all choose your own. So let’s get started as you know this week will be Individuality! Your homework assignment will be….Starships by Nicki Minaj. Good luck guys!

The group starts practicing!

Aylin VD: These bitches need to stop acting they are the greatest thing to ever walk this earth -_- seriously look in the mirror. (to Emily)

Chord VD: Dianna is so gorgeous *drops mouth, from watching Dianna dance*

The group enters the choir room, and gets ready for their performances. Amber Riley walks in everyone screams!

Chris VD: AHHHH OMG Its Amber Riley

Abraham VD: Holy crap #Fanboying :o

The group performance!

Amber: Was that really your performance? Cause that was just crap! Seriously…Nellie you seriously lacked confidence. Abraham your voice is annoying *Abraham evil smirk*. Blake, I enjoyed your performance I thought you were such a goof ball. Aylin you just killed it girl! Great job

Robert: So Amber, who is the winner?

Amber: The winner is my girl AYLIN

Abraham VD: Seriously this bitch? Umm hello im better!

Aylin: *raise hands in excitement* OMG thanks so much *covers mouth*

Robert: So we all know that you get one on one session with Amber, so lets get straight into the music video!

Amber: The music video is……Part Of Me by Katy Perry

Shanna VD: Praise to Jesus *raises hand* this song is my jam!

Now on to choreography!

Zack: Okay guys and a 5, 6 , 7, 8. *Blakes keeps falling* Get it together Blake!

Blake: Im trying zack!

*Abraham does great*

Zach: Great job Abraham

Abraham: All thank you so much :D

Zack VD: OMG this Is going to be a long 11 weeks! >:O

Cuts to vocals:

Nikki: Okay let’s see this! *Abraham walks in first* Wow Abraham your vocal range is amazing great job. *Nellie walks with Jacob* Nellie that was great, umm Jacob you were off key! *Cameron and Damian walk in* That was good fellas!

Nikki VD: A lot of the contestants where great some struggle, but I can tell this will be fun!

Now video shoot

*Matheus and Melissa, start running and they both go into a flip* 

Erik: Great job, Melissa you messed up your flip a little bit*

*Vanessa and Shanna start doing there scene*

Erik: Cut lets do that again, Shanna…you lip synch is off! -_-

*Chris, Marissa, Michael. and Lindsay walk in*

Erik: That was good you guys! , Michael is saw you were hesitant, lets do it one more time. Lindsay what the hell is wrong, now we have to do it again! Okay now its  a wrap everyone!

Music video plays, and we go to bottom 4 reveal!

Robert: Since this usually takes forever to reveal bottom 4 we are going to go straight to it! Abraham you did great your first called back!......Chord, Dianna, Damian, Cameron, Marissa, Matheus, Aylin, Emily, Vanessa, Nellie, Chris you are all called back. That leaves you 6! Shanna you are performing for Ryan. Melissa you are safe.  Blake you will be performing for Ryan, Lindsay you will also be performing for Ryan. We went back and forth between Jacob and Michael, and Michael you are safe, so Jacob you have to perform for Ryan. 

Jacob VD: Are you kidding me, this kids got not talent -_-

Nikki: Now you guys can pick a song

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