Okay so I know most of us have review the video in the comments, but I just want to do a complete revieebof the video. I love this is absolutely my favorite from either season, idk if we next season if they could top this. It was brilliant and amazing!

Michael- I really didn't know he could act like that seriously best performance yet from him. There is like ko word I could use to describe how amazing he was. We really didn't get to here, but the four words he did sing were awesome, pretty sure he nailed it with nikki. Okay now on to the fight scene, so I loved it...I dint care that michael said his lines werid he was probably just in the moment and his yelling took over. The most amazing scene from th video was michael screaming aylin, then chasing after the car. If that was my girlfriend I would do the same thing. I'm pretty much just like michael in this video, without being a football player. Michael was probably the most believable to me. Okay now I'm done about Michael and his awesomeness.

Aylin- she did good, loved her vocals were the best although she did sing most of it so yeah. I love her acting when blake chose to ignore her hug, the Michael looks at her...just her face was awesome hopefully you know what scene I'm talking about. I had a complaint though....i love her and I know that that's how she crys, but to me it came off not so believable, but other than that I loved. You could feel how much pain she was in when she had to leave Michael. Great performance.

Blake- he did good, I think I set my standers for him al high, and that's why I feel he didn't do that great. I actually thought Michael's talking voice would annoy me more than Blake's but it turn out opposite. I didn't believe his reaction to aylin being pregnant. He did great in the fight scene though. Oh had when he was arrested his facial expression were amazing and believable. Overall it was good just not his best work, he nailed the yeahhhhh. That was awesome.

Lily- oh wow has she grown on me. She killed her performance. I was a little iffy about some of her jestures but overall just amazing. I could feel the guilt she had for causing Ali to lose her dreams. I loved her smile it was really cute. So yeah really cant say much about her because she didn't have any big scenes in the video.

Ali- she surprised me, she did better than usually, but everyone totally outshined her. Somebody her facial expression looked a little forced, but not that much. I didn't really like her singing but it was okay. Good job overall, but was the weakest, at least believable.

HWA Winner= Michael
HIGH=Michael(they will be really suprised by him this week) and Blake
RISK= Aylin, Lily, and Ali
Eliminated= Ali

If a bottom 4 happens then blake will be bottom.
If a bottom 5 happens then everyone does LCP, Ali is eliminated.
I think blake should be in b3 but the judges praised him in the sneak peak of next weeks video, so j don't see how they would put him in b3

Okay some things that I felt need to be added

so I wish that they would have kept blake scenes he did from the bonus clips because I felt those were better. I wish the video was a little longer. I wish they could have made longer even though its suppose to be a trailer. I think they should of had a better Michael and Ali moment since they were playing brother and sister. So tell me if you agree or disagree and your opinions, and thanks for reading.

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