I want to talk about this episode of the glee project titled vulnerability. First I want to talk about my experience with be bullied. Sophomore year was the worst. I always got called gay a lot even though I'm not. My voice was super high,and that why they all called me gay. My got a little deeper, but people kept calling me it. One day this kid came up who was a junior and like 6ft I was the short kid about 5'2, he pushed me against the locker, and just kept bashing my head into the locker. The next couple of days I woke up in the hospital not be able to talk. Eventually I got my speech back,but I have a little bit of a slur. When I returned to school. The began the teasing again. I thought several times over and over to just end it. I didn't do it. My parents had to move me to a different school. Life got awhole lot better then. So yeah the theme was very touching. So anyways enough of that, so I thought the episode was amazing everyone did a great job execpt for some individual that I hope will get out like next. I was really kind of pissed off at Mario the whole episode, lily mae grew on me this episode. I don't think Nellie deserved to be in the bottom 5. She did amazing. I was mad that no one went home. I felt Mario should have gone. So yea those are my thoughts and thanks for reading this blog :)

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