Okay so here is my review of the contenders.

Abraham- absolutely great in this, his vocals were amazing, and his facial expression were really good, so good that I actually had to tell myself is that's really Abraham. Haha I don't think he will be going in this episode. I know he is in the bottom 3.

Aylin- well she had a very tricky stunt to do, I admire her work for jumping over the hurdles while still looking at the camera, but she faded into the background.

Michael- I think he did really good, at the beginning I think he was trying to hard, but he eventually got it. Again his stunt was probably the most difficult. His vocals were a little week.

Lily-i think she did the worst out of everyone. Her acting was so over the type, she actually got really irrating shoving her face at the camera.

Ali- she surprised she has been stepping it up lately, but I think she let her fear get the best of her...she looked scared/worried throughout her performance.

Blake-he was really good, and really into in great job.

Shanna- although she faded into the background her vocals are amazing as usual... and she did all her stunts with a hurt knee so yeah.


IN=Shanna and Ali


Risk=Michael, Abraham, and Lily
Eliminated=Lily and Abraham

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