So this is a blog talking about what type of character I can imagine, please leave your opinions and idea's.

Ali- I was thinking she could be the new lead in vocal adrenalin, she is a complete B..... and doesn't care about anyone but herself, she thinks she is better then everyone, her parents are tired of the way she is acting and force her to transfer to Mckinley.....she meets artie and instantly has a crush on him...during a glee club meeting, Ali's character who I have named Bridget, crashes the meeting and apologizes to everyone for being so mean at sectional, she asks to audition and she gets in, but brittnay doesn't like her, because Ali is crushing on artie, and deep down brittnay still loves artie. Bridget then gets attracted to Sam...and leaves artie, which usually always happens, but Sam says no. Then this happen and that happens and she goes back to vocal adrenalin and steals of the glee clubs songs.

Blake- I think he would be a new sophomore who transfer from Texas....while at Mckinley it takes awhile for him to fit in, he meets Blaine and instantly becomes best friends....then later finds out his ex-girlfriend goes to Mckinley and is the new b..... Blonde girl who can dance, now one knows but he got her pregnant and left the baby at his door step and Blake's character who I have named Dylan, and been raising his daughter Taylor with his parents,(yes I know he is only a sophomore but when I was a senior, mostly freshmen girls were pregnant). Blake joins glee club and becomes the comedian of the group because that's how he gets through his problems. Another chacater I had, we never really seen a show were they have a working actor balance going to normal school and work. Thought it be a cool idea.

Abraham- he is a new freshmen, who everyone thinks is gay, but he is not...he is constantly bullied, but no one seems to care....artie ends up seeing what's going on and ask Abraham(sorry no name yet) to audition for glee club...I'm imagined him singing a song that has to deal with being misread and stuff. Sam and Abraham become close friends, and Sam asks Abraham why don't you try out for the football team...Abraham tries out, but everyone makes fun of him, but he ends up showing everyone up at try outs.( haha major flip)Other things happen as well.

Shanna-Who I am named Pheobe, she is a new sophomore, she is miss popular...and is the new head captain of the cherrios, but no one knows her past and she has a dark secret about her mother being abusive drunk. No one sees how much pain pheobe went through, she then releaize that maybe someone could help her, so she goes Mr.shue and tells him because she only trust him, he said try out for glee club. She sings a very emotion song that lets you know how much pain she has gone through. She quits cherrio and becomes the new lead, which she would have rivalry with Tina.

Michael- well I have named his character Liam. Liam is a new freshmen who is talking senior classes because he is really smart. His teacher assigns him to tutor brittnay, who is repeating her senior year. Brittnay and Michael go to the choir room to study and stuff, Michael is amazed at all the instruments, he grabs one a begins to play and brittnay falls in love with ans tells him to audition. So he does, later Liam starts becoming more popular and ditches glee club, and begins to hang out with the wrong crowd...then starts using drugs, brittnay see him and helps him stop. Michael ends up going back to glee club.(I want to see brittnay do something dramatic).

Lily- she is very kind girl, who doesn't like to sing in front of people has major stage fright, but she ends up being fearless and does it. Sorry I cant think of anything for her because I cannot see her winning at all.

Aylin-i don't know her named, but she is a new sophomore who we find out is principle figgens niece, she doesn't know to many people and her family is super religion, she is but doesn't want to live that life style 24/7...she meets Joe and the two fall in love, but they try to keep it a secret, but there parent eventually find out they are together, and cant accept it. Aylin character facing many family problems.

okay so there are my characters, sorry for grammer mistake, or any mistake. So tell me what you think and come up with characters of your own. My favorite characters that I have come up with are Michael's, Ali's, Blake's and Shanna's, but my final 3 are Michael, Blake, and Aylin.

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