So hello guys. I have decided that i think i should do a fan fic thats a combination of things. Its different from other fan fics. I just want to say first that since i have three fan fics under my belt, This fan fic might be post poned a little bit. I just really wanted to share this idea that i had. Okay so this fan fic is a compeition, but not like other compeition and you guys will soon fine out. So 22 contestants enter a house where they are to compete for a grand prize of 500,000 dollars. All they have to do is live together and compete in mini challenges. Each week the public will vote who they want to go home. This may seem a stupid fan fic but you dont know the twist yet :D I will not be telling the twist until it comes up when writing the fan fic, but trust me its going to be good. Ryan Murphy is the creator of this challenge and has invited 22 glee project contestants. Robert, Zack, and Nikki are also the host of this. Each week there will be a challenge winner that is safe from elimination. If a challenge needs a team, then the winning team will have to nominated one person from there team, and nominate 3 people on the other team up for eliminated. If its a indiviual challenge then only the winner is safe, everyone else is up for elimination. So yeah get ready for this awesome fan fic coming soon :D oh and there will be hookups :D


From season one

  • Alex Newell
  • Cameron Mitchell
  • Damian McGinty
  • Emily Vasquez
  • Hannah Mclalwain
  • Lindsay Pearce
  • Marissa Von Bleicken
  • Matheus Fernandes
  • Mckynleigh Abraham
  • Samuel Larsen

From season two

  • Abraham Lim
  • Ali Stroker
  • Aylin Bayramoglu
  • Blake Jenner
  • Charlie Lubeck
  • Dani Shay
  • Lily Mae Harrington
  • Maxfield Camp
  • Michael Weisman
  • Nellie Veitenheimer
  • Shanna Henderson
  • Tyler Ford

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