Okay so here is my little review of the music vidoe for glee-ality.

So the music video after watch like 6 time kind of grew on me, not that much still disappointed in the video. If thistle finale is suppose to be 10x better than last year, then the music video did not help. I thought it was okay...anyways kind of mad that's the hardly showed the eliminated contenders, I wish the all had a line like last year and I wish they would have done the train thing were there in the line of the way they were eliminated. I wish the would have done it like that. thing I have to mention michael falling for ali was th highlight of the music video lol was super funny. How on to the final 3

Blake- Okay I was impressed by him this episode he actually made me want to be his friend in highschool. His vocals were good as usual nothing special or new. I like how he acted the superman at the beginning. Again that's pretty much it.

Aylin- she was amazing she totally owed the video, she was super sexy.....shaylin moment hahah. I really loved her voice in the video and I felt she truly did the best out of the three and I think should win this competition.

Ali- okay so her voice was really bad in this I expected better. Anyways her acting was good, I felt the b...... in her, but sometimes felt she forced a little to much or broke character. Anyways she was the worst out of the three at least to me.

WINNER= Aylin (season regular)
RUNNER UP= Blake (seven episodes)
2nd RUNER UP= Ali (four episodes)
I think michael and lily will get something, that would make it 10x better maybe 2 episodes... oh well that's my mini review :)

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