Okay so a lot of have been asking like this should be a movie. I decide to do a short story about the fake movie. I will probably changes things up, so yeah. Please not, if you haven't noticed it already, I write/type faster than I sometimes I will forget a letter/word/punctuation ect. If you get confused just ask in the comments and I will answer. I do want to give special thanks to the User Tfesta he helped a lot and the alternate ending is his ending.

Its Ali's birthday, she blew out the candle as the group finish singing, lily who was a little buzzed from the wine she had asked Ali what she wished for. Ali told her "I cant tell you then it wont come true". Blake and Aylin step outside to talk. Blake is drunk, and starts yelling at aylin telling her she a slut and he can have any other girl that he wants. Michael comes outside to calm blake down, but it doesn't work. Blake ends up punching michael in the face, and drives off. Aylin comforts michael, as they are talking lily and Ali sneak away to lily's car. Ali tells her "Let me drive, your drunk". Lily refused to give Ali the keys, so Ali just got into the passenger seat. The girls go on a drive. Lily phone starts ringing, she looks down at her phone to see the text message as she runs the light. Ali quickly turns her head to the right and sees the headlights of the other car.

Michael runs into the hospital and sees lily sitting there just with a few scratches and a broken wrist. He scream "What the hell happen to my sister!, your so stupid I cant believe you do something like that." Lily just sits there crying as Michael begins to crys. A few hours later the doctor comes out. "Where is my sister, how is she?" The doctor tells him "She is stable, but the crash caused major damage", "What do you mean she is okay right?" Michael says. "Your sister has been paralysed from the waste down." Michael just feel apart (both parents died and they live with there aunt who is on now he is alone).

8 months later Ali has adapted to being in a wheelchair very quickly. Michael and Blake are chilling on Michael's truck."It's senior year dude." Blake says."Yeah, I know. What are you gonna do when you get out of high school then?" Michael says. "I don't care what I'm doing. You know what Coach says though: Once a panther" blake says. "Always a panther." Michael and Blake say.What about Aylin, man?" Michael says. "What about her?" Blake says. Blake changes the subject, and say "As long as I got fame, money, and girls I will be just fine." Michael makes a sound to imply that he thinks the idea is stupid. "I'm not crazy. That's what everybody wants." Blake say. "Not me, man. I know what I want." Michael says.

Aylin walks over to the guys, "Blake, I got to go home....can you take me?". Blake says "Sure babe". As Blake gets off the truck, she glances at michael and the two share a look... aylin turns away and begins to walk with blake to his car. Michael just remains there looking at the sky. That night the guys had the championship game against the dragons....the coward goes wild has the team makes the winning touchdown. The girls remain at Ali's house waiting for the guys to arrive. Aylin hears a honk coming from down the street. Lily and Ali follow behind her. The guys jump out of the car shouting as loud as the could, while holding the enormous trophy. Aylin runs up to blake and gives him a hug, but blake doesn't really care and ignores her hug. Michael sees aylin's face, she looked crushed. A few hours go by, lily and ali went back into the house, while blake, aylin, and michael stay at the barn. Blake is drunk and tries to offer aylin to drink, but she says "I cant right now...I mean I don't want to". Blake says "Fine more for me".

Michael looks at aylin and wonders why she is holding her stomach. Michael whispers to her "Are you pregnant'. She didn't reply, she just looked down. Michael knew at that moment she was. Michael gives her a hug and the whispers into her ear, "I'm here for you if you need me." Aylin says "thanks". Michael tells blake and aylin just to spend the night, since blake is drunk. The next morning, blake wakes up and tells aylin he has to go home now, and that she needs to ask michael for a ride home. Blake rushes out the door,into his car then drives off. Aylin walks down stairs, where michael was cooking breakfest. "Hey Michael can you take me home again". "Yeah no problem, I'm used to it now." Michael says. He turns to aylin and asked "Do you want to go to the carnival?". "Yeah sure sounds like a date....I mean sounds like a great idea." Michael smiles.

The two head to the carnival, as blake arrives at michael and Ali's house. Blake goes inside and sees ali and lily just talking. "Hey guys, where is aylin and michael." "They went to the carnival." "Oh okay well I'm going to go head over there, I need to talk to michael."

Michael and Aylin arrive at the carnival, they play some games and michael wins a stuffed Teddy bear and gives it to aylin. They stop and get some popcorn then head to the Ferris wheel. The two get on and begin to talk. "Blake never does these things with me, thank you." "No problem, if you were my girlfriend...I would do these things with you all the time." Aylin smiled and the two shared a glance...aylin began falling for michael. Meanwhile blake arrived and was watching them. Blake looks disgusted and walks away. Michael and aylin come off the Ferris wheel laughing, then they look at each other again and share a kiss. "We cant go there right now, im still with blake." Aylin says. "Im sorry."

Lily and Ali go for a walk. The are having a good time, and being silly. A jogged comes by and yells "oh hey,bits the texting and driving girl". Then runs off. Ali looks mad, then she looks at lily. "Don't worry about that stuff lily" ali says. "I cant shake it ali, everywhere I go in this town, I just remember as the girl that did this too" lily cries. "Hey look at me, I'm still here arent I..." ali says. "But you were perfect" lily cries. "I still am" ali says. The two share a hug as lily cries are her shoulder. the two walk back to the house.

Michael drops aylin off at her house, and drives away. Blake calls aylin and ask if they can meet up, and says "yeah, sure sounds great". Blake picks up aylin and the two drive to a was a silent car ride. Aylin step out the car and went to go sit at a table, she knew something was wrong, Blake never acted this way. "What was that at the Ferris wheel, what was it?" Aylin began to cry because she realized was going to happen. "It was nothing" aylin said. "So know your going to be with michael, is that it" blake said. "it wasn't what it looked like" aylin said. "Do realized how many girls would kill to go out with me! I could have choose anyone of them but I chose you! I chose you" Blake yells. "He was just comforting me" aylin cries. "Comforting....oh okay, go screw off and be with michael!" Blake yells. "Please blake don't please.." aylin cries. "I don't give a damn about you anymore" blake says. Blake kicks the dirt and scream then walks away. "I'm Pregnant" aylin says. Blake turns his head with a shocked expression. He hesitate to walk back, but decides to walk back to his car and drives away, leaving aylin to walk hone by herself.

The next morning, michael called aylin... and ask her to come over. "I don't have a ride" aylin said. "I will come pick you up" michael said. Aylin said okay, then hung up the phone. 15 minutes late michael shows up at aylin's house, and the two drive back to Michael's house. Aylin and michael didn't get out of the car, they just talked. "I didn't tell blake about are kiss" aylin said. "Okay, did you tell him anything" michael said. "All that came out was I'm pregnant" aylin said. "Really, how did he respond?" Michael said. Aylin started to get a little teary eyed, but said "He said nothing, all he did was walked away." Michael told her "don't worry about him, he treats you like crap anyways...I will be here for you no matter what." Aylin smiled....then started laughing."hahah, I know this is the wrong place for thistle but can you teach me how to drive stick shift." Michael busted out laughing and then said sure. The both switched places.

Lily and ali are sitting on the table at the top of the hill, looking down on michael teaching aylin how to drive. "Isn't that your aunts truck?"

"Okay, so what you want to do is take your foot off the clutch, but at the same time start pressing the gas pedal" michael said. "Okay. I think I got it" aylin said. "Oh my God" aylin said. "Nonoonooo" michael said. The truck was in reverse and aylin hit the haybell behind them. They both start cracking up.

"Yeah, oooo....he is dead meat" ali said. Lily and ali start laughing. "Hey ali I got to go soon I will see you on Saturday" lily said. Ali said okay and lily gave ali a hug the walked away to her car.

Michael and aylin went inside." I have a surprise for you follow me" michael said. Aylin and michael walk towards to barn while he held her hand. Aylin sees flowers and a picnic lying on the floor. Aylin started to blush. "Would you like to join me?" Michael said. She nodded and the both sat down. Blake was hiding in the barn watching through the window waiting for something to happen. "Thank you Michael, this is great" aylin said. Michael smiled. Aylin looked at him smile, and just fell in love with him. She leaned closer to him and gave hike a kiss. He laid her down on the ground and kissed her more. Blake watches as it happens and is torn apart. He starts hitting himself over and over on his leg, letting his aggression out. "We cant do this, we have to tell blake" michael said. The two stopped kissing, and walked back inside. Blake ran out of the barn back to his car and drove off.

"Hey lily, just called to check up on you I hope your okay" ali said. Lily let it go to voicemall, she was to depressed to answer. Lily went to attic, when she got there she started crying as she look as the bottle of pain killers. She sat on the bed that's was in the attic tossing around the bottle. She began shaking and twisted the top of the bottle off. She poured them into her hands...she threw the bottle at the box in the corner. She noticed the dress she was wearing when she had the accident she drop the pills on the floor, and walked over the the box. She picked the dress up and realized it was time to forget and move on. She looked at her self in the mirrior and remember the good times before all this happen. She was filled with joy and happiness and began to cry, she knows its okay to move on and not let this one thing defined who she is. She took the dress with her and walked back her room and went to bed.

The next morning michael calls blake "hey man, do you think you can over and help me with the farm?" "Sure no problem be there in a little bit." 20 minutes later blake shows up and see michael has already started. They begin loading the hay into the truck, Michael looks out and sees ali just having fun with there little cousin. He smiles than continues loading the truck. Blake and michael get into the truck and drive to the barn. Meanwhile ali goes back inside after playing with kids. She goes to her room and see her medal just hanging there. She goes and grabs it. She tells the kids she will be right back. Ali wheels herself to the lake. She looks at her medalnand realizes that there no point to have this, she will never be able to run. The medal causes her best friends hurt because she was the one that took that from her. She is tired of it and throws the medal into the lake and goes back to the house.

Blake and michael arrive at the barn and begin unloading the hay into the the barn. After they are down michael trys to tell blake what is happening between him and aylin, but he interrupts him. "So I saw you....kissing aylin." Blake said. Michael looks shocked. Blake raises his voice we are suppose to be best friends!" Blake graps michael by his shirt. "But know your going after my girl behind my back!" Blake said. "You know what, who cares!, you treat her like garbage and like she worth nothing!" Michael says. "Thats exactly how you are treating me know! We been best friends since we were kids! Why would you do this to me!" Blake said. "I love her" michael said. Blake pushes michael back. Michael flings up and tackels blake into the hay stack behind him, and punches him in the face. Blake kicks him up and get back up then punches michael to the ground. "It over between us, your dead to me!". Blake walks away, as michael lays there defeated.

Blake gets into his car and drives home. He calls Aylin's parent using a different phone that no one know the number of. "Yes hey, I just wanted to let you know your daughter is pregnant" blake hangs up the phone and drives home.

Aylin is lying down on her bed listening to music. Her parent barge in, and just start yelling "Are you pregnant?" Aylin heart drops out of her chest and starts breathing rapidly she cant get a word out. She finally is able to say the word yes. Her parents start yelling more and are sending her away from this town. "Your leaving tonight, then I don't want anything to with you anymore" her dad said. "Please papa, don't do this" aylin said. Her parents walk out of the room slamming the door behind them. Aylin gets her stuff packed.

Michael was inside putting a ice pack against his face to make the swelling go down. His phone started ringing. He answered the phone smiling because it was aylin calling. Before he could say hello, aylin was crying and telling him "my parents know they are me sending away, I'm sorry....I love you...I got to go". Michael drops the ice pack and runs out the door grabbing his keys. He arrives at aylins house, he sees aylin get into the car. He jumps out of the trucks and runs to the car."please don't go, I love you." Michael said. "I'm sorry" aylin said. Michael scream "Aylin" as the car drives aways. Michael begins running after as fast as he can, but cant seem to catch up. His heart his pounding with adrenalin, as he can see aylin looking at him from the back of the car. Michael comes to a stop and looks down the catch is breath, when he hears the incredibly pound noise, he looks up see the car aylin was in was flipped over. He runs toward the vehicle....and sees aylins body lying there covered in blood. He pulls her out of the wreckage and calls 911. He looks at her crying as he sees aylin take her last breath. When she stops breathing, he screams "come back, come back!" He sits there holding her in his arms rocking back and worth.

Michael gets up and realizes that the driver of the car that hit aylin's car was blake. Michael just drops to the floor and waits for the ambulance to arrive. Blake regains consciousness, and is pulled out of the car and his arrested for DUI, and manslaughter. He stares angrily at michael as he stares at blake getting arrested.

A few days later, lily comes to visit ali. Ali is upset that her brothers life has completely falling apart. Lily gives ali a hug, then ali looks at her and says "promise to be friends for ever no matter what". The two hung it out. The michael comes into the room and just starts crying. Lily and ali go up to him and give him a hug. THE END!

Sorry guys it left on a bad note. But yeah please tell me if you like it, you'll probably dislike the ending but there is an alternate ending to the story. Sorry if I mess have errors in here. I tried my best to make this. If you don't get something please leave a comment and ask. Again sorry for the mistakes I tried my hardest and I hope you guys love it.

ALTERNATE ENDING Okay so basically the alternate ending is that as michael runs to catch aylin he doesn't catch her. Blake goes to jail for drinking and driving. A few months go by and blake is out of jail and has patched things up with michael. They all gather around when, ali shows her surprise she can walk again. Aylin comes back and walks up to michael and kisses him and then they are all friends again. Ali says "promise to be friends no matter what happens".

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