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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Battle Of The Shows

    February 14, 2013 by LacKdaiSicaL

    Welcome to the all new Glee/TGP Battle Of The Shows!!!!!!!! This is a brand new competition that features 24 of your favorites competiting to see who number 1 is!!!! THIS WILL START TOMORROW!

    • The 24 contestants will be split into groups of 4! TGP: Girls, TGP:Guys, Glee:Girls, Glee:Guys
    • Each week a randomizer will determine which person wins the challenge for their group
    • After the person is selected...the audience gets to vote 2 people to eliminate. So for example: say tgp girls win then none of the girls on that team can be sent home (so no voting for the winning group) as for the other 3 teams the audience may choose 2 people from each team to eliminate.
    • The four's with the least amount of votes will go into elimination!
    • The audience will dete…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Okay so you guys may know me as LetItRock898. Well i want to bring to you guys a fan fic competition just about glee, and what glee stars could make it through the glee project system. So yeah :D good luck to everyone's favorites. All the contestant's characters were in a glee club or formly were in glee club. The first 6! episodes will feature a double elimination! Please comment for song suggestions!  thanks. This will be similar to the user LoserLikeMe. All credit goes to him.


    Contender Rank Status Date Eliminated
    Alex Newell N/A IN N/A
    Amber Riley N/A IN N/A
    Ashley Fink N/A IN N/A
    Becca Tobin N/A IN N/A
    Blake Jenner N/A IN N/A
    Charice Pempengco  N/A IN N/A
    Chord Overstreet N/A IN N/A
    Chris Colfer N/A IN N/A
    Cory Monteith N/A IN N/A
    Darren Criss N/A IN…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    The Glee Project

    Season 3

    Hello everyone so i decided to make a mini fan fic. There is not auditioning its just about having fun and reading my blogs :D So anyways the competition consist of 18 contestants! This should be fun....episodes 1-5 will have a double elimination! 6-10 will have just a single elimination. So yes :D ALL ELIMINATIONS /WINNERS will be dertermined by RANDOMIZER. Whoever makes it to the finale....then the public will decide who wins :D

    • Dianna
    • Melissa
    • Vanessa
    • Nellie
    • Aylin
    • Shanna
    • Lindsay
    • Marissa
    • Emily
    • Chord
    • Chris
    • Jacob
    • Blake
    • Michael
    • Abraham
    • Matheus
    • Damian
    • Cameron

    Everyone enters the room 1 at a time….

    Emily VD: What the hell? OMFG now there is 18 people here I must destroy! >:o

    Dianna VD: This is literally so amazing. This is going to help me …

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    So hello guys. I have decided that i think i should do a fan fic thats a combination of things. Its different from other fan fics. I just want to say first that since i have three fan fics under my belt, This fan fic might be post poned a little bit. I just really wanted to share this idea that i had. Okay so this fan fic is a compeition, but not like other compeition and you guys will soon fine out. So 22 contestants enter a house where they are to compete for a grand prize of 500,000 dollars. All they have to do is live together and compete in mini challenges. Each week the public will vote who they want to go home. This may seem a stupid fan fic but you dont know the twist yet :D I will not be telling the twist until it comes up when wr…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Okay everyone here is the first live show. Vote now to make sure your favorites make it far. Everyone has 18 votes which means that you can pick 16 contestants out of 20. You must leave 4 blanks which are the people who you think would do the worst. Please vote :D good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in you favorites favor :D....Also two contestants with the lowest votes will have to have a battle round, and the mentors decide who is eliminated from the bottom 2.


    Contestants' performances on the first live show
    Act Order Song Result
    Dianna Agron 1 "Say a Little Prayer For You" Safe
    Jillian Jensen 2 "If I Die Young" Safe
    Marissa Von Bleicken 3 "City" Safe
    Lisa Lavie 4 "Angel" Bo…

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