• Abraham-I have the most in common with him because I'm an easy crier like him, and that he gained feminine attributes that convince people that he's gay even though he isn't. I think he has the largest vocal range of the boys.
  • Ali-She was not my favorite at first because I thought she was an attention hog but now I love her energy and she's a terrific comedian and actress. Also, she never uses pity for being in a wheelchair.
  • Aylin-I thought she was a horrible person, similar like how the producers twisted Lindsay Pearce last year to make her the villain, but she's amazing. She's a good actress, and a brilliant singer.
  • Blake-Definitely, the best actor and the most trained all-around of the group. He doesn't have a unique voice compared to the other guys (excluding Abraham) but he's amazing and ever since he started he's been excellent.
  • Charlie-When I first started watching this show, I had no idea Charlie was competing and that he even existed. He's good and I think the judges are over-exaggerating on his "unprofessional-ality."
  • Lily Mae-I hated this girl to bits, but now she's my 3rd favorite. She has a confident attitude and she's a terrific singer.
  • Michael-Similar to Charlie as I didn't even know he was competing as he doesn't talk that much (like me) and he kinda disappeared in a group. Now he's my second favorite, he's actually a good singer and actor.
  • Nellie- I'm Team Nellie all the way! She was good in the first music video but when she sang her line in "Born This Way" I loved her. I like those strong singers, like Santana and Mercedes and I loved Nellie as soon as that happened. She is able to change herself completely, especially in Sexuality, even being the first called back! She's funny, and amazing. I will cry and throw something at the TV, if she gets eliminated.
  • Shanna-Probably the singer with the largest vocal range in the competition. She's a good actor and singer and (even though I'm not rooting for her.) I think she's going to win.

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