hi so i decided to write a post on my thoughts on the final three. these are just my opinions, feel free to comment. and in no way am i hating on them. i think they all deserve to win, and have an equal shot. and no doubt are great and talented.


great, another jock type character that i can not relate to. michael would've been the better choice in my opinion , he's something new to the show. we have seen so many blake-type characters not only on glee but on so many shows. i'm happy that the sport loving type kids have someone on tv to look up to, but for the rest of us guys who care about academics and not sports as much, who is there? [without being the stereotypical nerd] he is a really good guy, and seems to have a great personality, but as i've said i in no way can relate to him, except for being the nice guy.

singing: 2/5

acting: 4.5/5

dancing: 5/5

personality: 5/5


i love aylin, and she was always one of my favorites. i think that she's something new we haven't seen before, and her voice is just aduifhsdfgbs to me. not to mention she's really attractive. fighter blew me a way. i think that she seems to have a great personality, and i definitely root for her. plus i love her relationship with charlie, he was in my top 4 too. i love her firey personality too. she just seems to be an all-around talented, nice person. as a lot of other people have said, and i respect their opinions but i just never saw her as conceited.

singing: 5498573894503958621/5

acting: 5/5

dancing: 5/5 (idk, i haven't really seen her dance much so i just put that)

personality: 5/5


ali. ali. ali. i never expected her to make it this far, i figured she'd be out a little while ago. i will say she's been nailing it the past few weeks. and heres to us was amazing. but her voice is just a little nasally sometimes, not all the time in my opinion. she can sure hit high notes, and belt and has a great voice, it's just not my favorite. i love how optimistic and bubbly she is. on the down side i think that we've seen her character before, whatever route they choose to go in. wheelchair plots: artie and quinn - (for like a couple episodes). i'm not 100% if this is true, but if she is bisexual, or lesbian we've seen that countless times on glee. the bitchy/queen bee character they seem to want her to play: santana, zizes, quinn, becky, sue and more. idk i just think the characters she has to offer have been used. then again, she's a great actress so i mean she could play more. those are just the ones that are obvious. oh, and i think they said she could play the southern bell, idk though but that's something new. all in all she's great just not my favorite. and lastly, i admire how determined and strong she is, and also how fearless and adaptable. it's crazy how well she can move in her wheel chair in the dancing numbers.

singing: 3/5

acting: 4/5

dancing: 5/5

personality: 5/5

i think that tonight tonight was good, and i loved all of their characters in it also, it's not as good as raise your glass though.

perfomances in tonight tonight:

best acting: ali/aylin/blake

best vocals: aylin

best idek i just really liked this person in this video: blake

best representation of their character: ali/aylin

once again, these are all my opinions. please respect them as i will yours. thank you!

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