So, I got bored and thought it'd be a cool idea to do an awards type system for both seasons' contenders.

Check it out? (:

All Top 3! (These are just my opinions) Comment yours below! And they aren't in a specific order for me, and the ones I put down aren't my favorites, just who I think are the most talented in that area.

Best Male Singers of Season 1

1. Cameron

2. Damian

3. Samuel

Best Male Singers of Season 2

1. Charlie

2. Michael (I like the soft tune to his voice)

3. Mario

Best Male Singers Overall

1. Cameron

2. Charlie

3. Damian

Best Female Singers of Season 1

1. Marissa

2. Lindsey

3. McKynleigh

Best Female Singers of Season 2

1. Nellie

2. Aylin

3. Shanna

Best Female Singers Overall

1. Nellie

2. Marissa

3. Aylin

Best Actors (Both Seasons)

1. Blake

2. Michael

3. Charlie (Despite his few bad choices, I would say Samuel but he has one face a lot)

Best Actresses (Both Seasons)

1. Ali

2. Lindsey

3. Aylin/Lily Mae

Best Dancers (Both Seasons)

1. Abraham

2. Matheus

3. Samuel

Best Male Personality

1. Damian

2. Michael

3. Blake/Cameron

Best Female Personality

1. Nellie

2. Shanna

3. Aylin/Marissa/Ali/Hannah (Ahh I'm Sorry)

Favorite Contenders Overall

1. NELLIE <3

2. Michael

3. Marissa/Damian

These are obviously just my opinions, and I think that every participant is talented & special in their own ways. I just thought it'd be cool to see what other's opinions were! (:

So yeah, I hope you enjoy and feel free to message me, saying I should add more categories!

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