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  • Jakelol

    great, another jock type character that i can not relate to. michael would've been the better choice in my opinion , he's something new to the show. we have seen so many blake-type characters not only on glee but on so many shows. i'm happy that the sport loving type kids have someone on tv to look up to, but for the rest of us guys who care about academics and not sports as much, who is there? [without being the stereotypical nerd] he is a really good guy, and seems to have a great personality, but as i've said i in no way can relate to him, except for being the nice guy.

    singing: 2/5

    acting: 4.5/5

    dancing: 5/5

    personality: 5/5

    i love aylin, and she was always one of my favorites. i think that she's something new we haven't seen before, and her vo…

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  • Jakelol

    So, I got bored and thought it'd be a cool idea to do an awards type system for both seasons' contenders.

    Check it out? (:

    All Top 3! (These are just my opinions) Comment yours below! And they aren't in a specific order for me, and the ones I put down aren't my favorites, just who I think are the most talented in that area.

    1. Cameron

    2. Damian

    3. Samuel

    1. Charlie

    2. Michael (I like the soft tune to his voice)

    3. Mario

    1. Cameron

    2. Charlie

    3. Damian

    1. Marissa

    2. Lindsey

    3. McKynleigh

    1. Nellie

    2. Aylin

    3. Shanna

    1. Nellie

    2. Marissa

    3. Aylin

    1. Blake

    2. Michael

    3. Charlie (Despite his few bad choices, I would say Samuel but he has one face a lot)

    1. Ali

    2. Lindsey

    3. Aylin/Lily Mae

    1. Abraham

    2. Matheus

    3. Samuel

    1. Damian

    2. Michael

    3. Blake/Cameron

    1. Nellie

    2. Shann…

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