Ali Stroker 2012 Born for Broadway02:50

Ali Stroker 2012 Born for Broadway

one of ali's amazing performances

Oxygen Connect Dance-ability Video Diary Ali03:59

Oxygen Connect Dance-ability Video Diary Ali

her video diary....shes got such a gr8 personality!

Ali fearless

the amazing Ali Stroker!!!

hey all you glee project fans out there!!! Haven't you noticed how well ali is doing recently? In fearlessness she had a bit of a health scare and omg i feel so bad for her! But then she just dove into the water and smiled, which i think is totally and completely brave. Plus, she was even singing underwater. Ali is completely stepping up to the plate 100%, as they said. Also, obviously, theatricality was totally her week! She won the homework assignment and did amazin in the music video as Katy Perry! In Tenacity, se won her secon HWA and now is the only competitor to win two HWA's in a row! In the eye of the tiger music video she also was at her best and was very tenacious. NOTHING CAN STOP THIS GIRL!!! In the music vid for romanticality, omg, her and blake were adorable!!! AND IN ACTABILITY!!! OMG!!!! THT WAS A FABULOUS MUSIC VIDEO AND I LOVED HER ACTING!!!!! i know there are some haters out there that think she cant sing and blah blah blah, but legit, her voice is AMAZIN'...look her up on youtube if you dont agree with me...SHE CAN SING!!!!! Shes from a broadway background and everything...New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a bachelor of fine arts...shes been in soooo many performances, concerts, musicals, commercials and shes even in a movie!!! .plus, shes super perky and her personality is so animated and bubbly! it makes me really sad to think that alot of people out there think that she shouldnt be on glee just because they dont want another person in a wheelchair. Her wheelchair isnt what defines her, shes the amazing ali stroker! People shouldnt judge her because shes different. Shes doing really well by staying optimistic considering her situation. I really do think she should win. She's got the voice, the ambition, the acting, the cool wheelchair dances and THE personality! along with that, shes seems really sweet, she would make a great bff! :) She is glee material!! It would b perfect for her to be either Rachel's NYADA roomate or friend or possibly also in new directions on glee!!!! i mean seriously, it would be perfect. she could b in rachels dance class and rachel feels bad for her..until..BAMM...ali blows her away with her spectacular performance! She seriously deserves it! there is some speculation going around now that ali might be going home in actablilty...well...think about this...ali was high/win for 4 weeks in a row now and she has been consistantly winning things for weeks now! ali won 2 hwa's in a row and has been one of the 1st on callbacks 4 weeks straight! and that is a record! Plus, shes NEVER been in the b3! seriously...they cant just eliminate ali just like that, shes been "high win win high" four weeks in a row and and i know some of you might say "oh, well shanna was out on her 1st lcp" well yeah, but, this is different, shanna wasnt consistantly winning things for many many weeks straight and only getting positive feeldback like ali was and still is. shanna was "in in high out". shanna didnt have a ton of high's..... sooo..i really dont think ali would b going home and she even got called back last season but she had to opt out because she was in a play. lily and aylin hav been in the b3 i think about 3 times already and ali has NEVER been in the b3! i also think the judges really like her..and...shes been rising to the top each week! i kinda just hope it's lily or aylin that go..since repeat notes make all the difference. Alot of you think Aylin or Blake are gunna win but i think Ryan is gunna change it up and do something a little different. it would be a BIG mistake to eliminate her and her awesomeness, shes doing soooo well!!!! Her whole life shes put soooo much effort into being a singer/actress and now i think her hard work has paid off!! GO ALI!!!!!!!!

please comment!!!!!!!!!!!

these are my 4 favs:

1. Ali (obviously)



4 Aylin

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